WTF is bubble.?

bubble. magazine is the digital destination for young women who are curious, socially minded and adventurous; whether that’s travelling to a unique city or trying something new in the bedroom. The magazine has the latest trends and distributes clever recommendations from like-minded people. There is an array of opinions that may come across as taboo or controversial, but they challenge the reader and offer perspective.

WHO reads bubble.?

She lives in – or dreams of – the urban bubble. She’s successful, she’s smart, she stands up for herself and she likes to hear both sides of every story before making up her mind. She’s mindful and understands the importance of balance. She knows going out for cocktails with the girls is just as ‘healthy’ as alone time in bed with a tea whilst watching Clueless.

If bubble. was a ... it would be a ...

TV show: Sex and the City

Flower: Sunflower

An iconic woman: Emily Blunt

Film: The Devil Wears Prada

Colour: Dark coral

Cocktail: A japanese pornstar martini