A collection of things to give your soul

Victoria Arnold is a fashion and lifestyle illustrator based in Berlin, working from her beautiful atelier. She studied art and interior design in the art college, completed her business degree in Munich, and has lived and worked in Spain and Germany. She has a true cosmopolitan approach with her lifestyle and work and says Berlin has given her great inspiration and motivation to create. The city brought her back to illustration from a career as product manager.


As the designer of this season’s exquisite cover, we chatted to Victoria about her style, inspiration and her favourite fashion icons.

When/how did you realise you had a passion for art?


Growing up in an art-loving environment with a father who's a designer, it has always been clear to me that I will also be an artist. I have always been drawing since I was a child – sitting in my father’s atelier, at home, even during school lessons, I was always sketching something.


How would you describe your style of art?


It is a mixture of my passion for fashion and beauty. My illustrations are the combination of flowing lines and colour.

A collection of things to give your soul

Would you say your personality suits your style of art, or is it a complete rebellion of who you are?


My art is me.


Can you run through the process of how you produce your art?


It depends on whether it’s for me or for the client. When it is for me, I am drawing things that touch me and that I admire – things that are the pure inspiration for me. When it’s commissioned, I imagine the client, put myself into their mind and aim at producing this perfect mixture of what the client desires in my interpretation. Very interesting!


Who are some clients you’ve worked with? And other magazines/brands you’ve worked with?


I’ve worked with Hugo Boss, I made the cover for the glam Berlin magazine Berlinerin, and I’ve created book illustrations for German publisher Springer.


What are your do’s and don’ts for people who want to start getting into art space as a hobby or career?


Just start it. Draw what you love and allow inspiration from artists you admire. That is the best motivation.


What inspires you?


Beauty, beautiful women, the dynamic of fashion, music, travel. After travelling, I find I’m very productive and motivated. 


Do you have favourite colours that you work with?


Denim blue, lavender green, powder tones.. and a touch of black!


Who are some of your favourite celebrities and fashion icons?


Vanessa Paradis, Kate Moss, and Linda Evangelista.


What do you find is the hardest and easiest ‘things’ to draw?


The hardest is the different expressions of the human face. The easiest... probably fruits!

Victoria Arnold illustrations bubble. magazine
Victoria Arnold illustrations bubble. magazine