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Bianca Dye

I don’t know about you, but I have missed travelling more than anything.

 At risk of definitely speaking of a first world problem in light of everything that’s going on in the world right now, I think it’s important to remember that our imaginations need to be kept juicy and sharp, even during dark times. This is why I have been imagining and fascinating and salivating so much over where I want to travel post Covid–19.

So much so that I’ve actually gone to the effort of creating a vision board of the top places I want to visit when we are officially allowed to. I want to remember that although there is rain right now, there will be a rainbow.

I’ve always believed in vision boards and I’ve always found that they’ve worked for me especially if I sit and meditate for a couple of minutes. When I look at my physical Pinterest, I can actually feel how I’m going to feel when I get on that plane or when I sip my first champagne in that remote location. I can feel myself putting on my hiking boots and finally climb that mountain that’s across the other side of this beautiful country!

I’m going to consider the idea of the three R’s. We have done enough "R-eading R-writing and R-rithmetic " in lockdown. So, let’s look at the other three R’s, shall we?

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RESTORE - in the Gold Coast hinterland

ROMANCE - in the Blue Mountains

REVIVE - in your hometown with friends



One of the first places I want to visit when it’s properly open (which is very soon) is an incredible place where I know I can restore my inner heart and my monkey mind. I have travelled here many times over the years when life gets overwhelming or when I’ve gone through a break-up or perhaps getting over the grief of a miscarriage or work stress. I feel that I can fall into the safe, beautiful, caring arms of the team at Gwinganna!

This is a very special place in the Gold Coast hinterland where you can completely shut out the outside world and just focus on getting yourself mentally and physically and spiritually well.

I think after coming out of lockdown, many of us can admit to experiencing somewhat traumatic moments whether it’s our partners or ourselves losing our jobs, or our children being around 24/7 and having to  attempt the cruel challenge of homeschooling. Gwinganna is like an incredible gift that you can give yourself even if it’s only for one of their weekend retreats. Escape reality for 72 hours? Yes, please.



This place has been on my bucket list for a while, and I am yet to visit, but Turon Gates mountain retreat is absolutely beckoning me... 

It’s a stylish bush retreat for adults-only that flaunts a full-on glamping experience in the Blue Mountains. As soon as the borders are open, you’ll find me down there. Digital Detox, here we come...

My partner Jay and I have had the same struggles that many couples have had during this time and basically we have been in each other’s faces day and night. It’s inevitable that people end up wanting to strangle each other eventually in these kinds of unprecedented situations (even though we are very grateful and very lucky to be able to pay our bills and have a roof over our head and the future looks okay for us! ).

However, the idea of getting away for a glamping couples weekend just sounds fantastic! Jay has never been horse riding, so I would surprise him with a horse ride in that fresh mountain air. There are also incredible bushwalks and canoeing to experience, or you can just chill out and read in the tent with absolutely no distractions besides nature.

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Let’s be honest, how often do we ever get to do this?

It’s also the perfect place for a REAL digital detox, and as someone who’s been living with her phone glued to their face during lockdown, I think this would be perfectfor me. I also think this will be very high on many people‘s bucket lists, as the appeal of getting away from our screens for a little while and just being out in nature has never felt so important. 



On my travel vision board are pictures of my friends and family who I haven’t seen for what feels like forever. As someone who likes to keep to themselves a lot, I have realised just how grateful I am to be able to visit my friends whenever I want. That is something that lockdown has stopped us from doing – to just be able to jump on a plane and head back to Melbourne or Sydney and see some of my best friends and have a cheeky latte and a catch up. It’s something none of us will take for granted again.

When I go to Melbourne, I love staying at the Ovolo laneways Hotel because it’s right in the heart of the CBD near all of the live theatre – which I am missing terribly.

I want to walk in those gorgeous little alleyways in the backstreets near Little Collins Street in Melbourne near the hotel and have my favourite Pellegrini’s spaghetti and some of the best coffee in Australia and meet girlfriends for martinis in Chinatown! *Sigh*....

It all sounds like something we would normally do on a weekend away, but it’s just not something we have been able to do for the last five months.


I urge you to make a vision board where you cut out the places that you love and that you have always wanted to visit and just stick them on a piece of cardboard. Keep a close look at it every day and remind yourself that it won’t be too long before you can travel to an exotic city overseas or even just hug a family member that lives in another state.

This too shall pass.

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