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You know what they say about rock bottom, right? You can only go up.

So, without taking anything away from the devastating effects that coronavirus has had on many people, it is vital to try and remember that there will be light at the end of this tunnel. 

Everyday things we may have previously taken for granted, like attending a festival or catching a movie with a group of friends, has been majorly put into perspective.

And if you’re reading this, you’ll now be equipped with the mentality that 'well, I survived coronavirus, a worldwide pandemic, surely I can get through this?' in response to future hardships you may face in life.

In the meantime – while we’re all either essential workers, working from home, or unfortunately unemployed – here are some things we can all daydream about doing once this craziness comes to an end. 

A night out on the town…

I’m not just envisioning a quiet drinks night with mates in the backyard, I’m talking about a full on fusion of Sex and the City and What Happens in Vegas style of night. 

Laura Snudden

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Everyone will be dressed to the nines in outfits that were bought online out of boredom and have just been hanging up in your wardrobe, waiting to be worn. 

There will be cocktails, bar-hopping, false eyelashes, karaoke, fake tan, and champagne. All of the trappings for the perfect night out on the town.

Securing a new kick ass dream job…

I think I can speak for everyone that is lucky enough to still have a job amidst Covid-19, that if you have lost your job, a) I’m sorry and b) that really sucks. It is awful to lose a job, especially when it's due to circumstances that are out of your control. 

Although optimistically, maybe this time has shed some light on new passions or given you the push to kickstart a new career. Or hopefully, you’ll get your previous job back. Either way, it’s going to happen and it’ll be great. 

Reassess what you’re good at, what you enjoy doing, and whether you can support yourself by doing either of these things. Sometimes good things fall apart, so even better things can fall together.

Going camping in the middle of nowhere…

Words I did not think I would ever utter, but because I simply wasn’t allowed to (due to the regional borders being closed), you best believe I now want to do it. Camping. 

Driving into the middle of nowhere with a specially curated Spotify playlist, the smell of a campfire burning, sitting around on lawn chairs with your friends toasting marshmallows, and even freezing your ass off in a tent that is way too small for two people, sounds like a slice of heaven right now. 

Wine and cheese night with the girls…

A couple slices of coon cheese on water crackers, and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc over a chat with the girls each weekend on Facetime for the last few months has definitely been keeping me sane. However, it doesn’t exactly hit the same way – especially when all you can think of is an abundant platter consisting of multiple cheeses, dip, biscuits and fruit, as well as having a big cuddle with your best girlfriend on the couch while watching an episode of The Real Housewives of New York. Yeah, that would hit the spot just fine. Thankfully with restrictions slowly lifting, this daydream is finally becoming a reality.

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Dating someone new…

Bumble, Tinder, and Hinge are great – don’t get me wrong. However it is kind of a mood killer when you are vibing with someone and go to set up a date, only to remember that you have to social distance. 

It is going to be so freeing and even more exciting when you can go out on a date to a quaint Italian restaurant, sip on an Aperol spritz, and have a kiss without having to worry about potentially infecting everyone in the country with your possibly asymptomatic self. 

Pampering to the max…

Hairdressers, manicurists, beauticians, and masseuses had better prepare themselves to be booked beyond belief once coronavirus comes to an end. 

Thankfully, this is a daydream that’s also coming true, with restrictions slowly lifting. We can all say goodbye to regrowth, shitty cuticles, clogged pores, untamed brows and praise our beauty professionals that keep us looking pretty and feeling sane. 

I can just see my Instagram feed flooding with selfies because everyone is going to be feelin’ themselves.

Actually go to the gym…

Well, now there is definitely going to be no excuses with gyms and fitness centres now officially open! I’ve been dreaming of real gym equipment and perfect room-temperature heating (opposed to my yoga mat on the kitchen floor with one pair of weights).

And although my brisk afternoon walks have been lovely and picturesque, my ankles are not coping too well with having to swerve 1.5 metres off the path around every passer-by. June 13th 2020, you may be my favourite date of the year so far – thank you for re-opening gyms!

Travelling to a place on your bucket list…

One of the potential up-sides to being stuck at home all day is that now you have so much more time to plan a trip to the number one place on your bucket list. 

Whether it be Europe, England, China, the States, or in my case, Japan – there is no time like the present to organise that itinerary. 

I have written down all the places (restaurants, cafes, landmarks etc.) that I want to visit when I eventually get to travel to Japan. For the moment being, I’ll just be here adding pictures of cherry blossoms to my Japan Pinterest board.