A collection of things to give your soul

“You have to get Dipsea," was all my friend told me one night. I downloaded it minutes after without having finished reading the description. And I swear on my coochie, it was the best decision I’ve made all year. Dipsea is an erotic audio stories and guides app for women, made by women. In other words, if God is a woman, then God is Dipsea founders Gina and Faye. 


Dipsea has a whole range of erotic audios, so expect to find yourself happy one way or another. Interestingly, some are guides to self-touch and there are even some cheeky courses on sexting. My favourites, however, are the sexy stories. One of the things I first noticed when I got the app was the sheer range of sexual interests represented. 

Generally, I’ve often felt like my own sexual interests weren’t represented in erotic stories or films. Even when I searched specifically for things, I felt like it was catered to a heterosexual male’s interest in that kink itself. Lovelies, this is not the case on Dipsea. For instance, if you like some fun dom/sub play that isn’t only the male being dominant and the female submissive, then you’re in for some real damn good luck. 


If you’re interested in him/her stories, or her/her stories, or her/them, or him/him or him/him/her… well, the list goes on, and it’s all there. My favourites so far are the you/partner ones, as I found them to be the most engaging. 

By Kaitlyn Hay

A collection of things to give your soul

There’s gender inclusion, disability inclusion (two stories so far) and a whole load of affirmation. 

On that point, one of the things that stood out to me the most was that partners were nice to one another. Do you want to hear a man murmur how good you look while he takes candid, sexy photos of you? Then listen to Get Intimate With Henry. I was also particularly pleased to see that sharing past sexual experiences was portrayed as sexy. There’s still this prevalence of previous experiences as something to be ashamed of. “Body counts” are full of judgement, rather than interest. This largely has to do with restricting women’s sexuality, which Dipsea is all about unlocking and exploring. 


As a friend of mine said: “Dipsea is great for exploring your sensuality in different ways. I love that it offers an alternative to watching porn or being intimate with another to get your imagination going. You also can try different things to see what works for you. I also love that they’re short clips. Got ten minutes to yourself? Explore your body in a different way and have an orgasm. Livin’.” 


Audio is a booming industry, from podcasts to audio books, and interest in the industry has risen with the development in technology – specifically smartphones. It has noticeably become a place for queer expression, and exploration for women-driven projects. Particularly, I found there to be more queer, romantic fictional podcasts than their counterparts.


I wonder if this is in part due to the specific nature of audio, in that it crosses boundaries of mediums, between the written word and the play. This transcendence of form feels to be a symbolic place to explore voices and stories that had previously been socially submerged. With this in mind, it shouldn’t have come to me with such shock (delighted, of course!) that there was an audio-only erotic resource.   

For me, one of the most arousing things has always been implication and charged subtext. Those heavy, electric moments of silence before a boundary is crossed, a friendship turned into something more, an inhibition overcome for pleasure. Again, my vajayjay promises you, audio is perhaps the best out of all mediums of pornography with implication and subtext. You’re engaged directly into the scene because it’s in your head, and there’s little to no outside interruptions or stimulus. No fake “fug me’s” like you see in video.


Even with Bellesa, the far superior porn site for women, there was always something impersonal about the videos to me, and even the erotic stories. There’s something far more fake about them – something staged. And while on occasion you have moments like that in the audio, you’re drawn to a point of concentration. You only have the sound to guide you. It’s a singular sensory experience – intimate and personal. 

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A collection of things to give your soul

As another friend of mine said: “It really is a revolution of orgasm and self-love. It forces you to use your imagination and creativity to be one with the stories. It’s proactive learning.” 


Unlike Pornhub videos, you’re not just a “woman”; a caricature person for heterosexual male pleasure. The camera angles aren’t all on the female figure, with ten minutes of blowjobs or penetration alone. We all know the kinds of videos I’m talking about. The male gaze is entirely removed in Dipsea. You’re you, and you’re being worshipped, being wanted for you.


This is specifically evident in the you/partner audios, which were an absolute revelation for me. I’ve never been fond of second person narration in stories, or reader/character stories, as I’ve still felt disconnected with a lack of connection between myself and the female “reader”. There’s not a chance for this in audio. The voices are in your ear, talking to you. 


So, if Covid blues have gotten to you, or you’re that specific week before/during periods and you need some quality time to yourself… grab those headphones, and unwind with your sensuality. If you want to learn about yourself, how to engage with a partner, or even just get lost for a little while, Dipsea really is there for you and your coochies. I promise.  

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