editor's letter

Welcome back to another issue of bubble. magazine. It's strange to think we are already half way through the year – and what a year it's been so far!

From devastating bushfires, to a global pandemic, to the current movement , I think we all owe ourselves a moment to chill out. Never have I seen such anger and passion on social media. I's actually quite fantastic, because so many of us are coming together as one to fight for incredibly important issues. On the other hand though, it can be utterly draining to see an imbalance of content and this can have a huge affect on our 'down time' mood.

This season, we celebrate the many small businesses and start-ups that have creatively adapted to the current climate, as well as others that have started up DURING Covid–19. Until August, we will continue to feature businesses and brands on our Instagram as a part of our small business campaign on Wednesdays to recognise and promote their remarkable services and products.

In this issue, we introduce you to two boss ladies who own online retail stores, a young woman who started up a business connecting career-driven women, and the artist of the season – Cai from Soystreet – who designed this season's cover. She's fabulous!

Although the boarders are closed and the idea of luxury holidays in the Greek Islands seems like forever away, we still pulled together some amazing travel content to inspire you. Whether you're hoping to bring a taste of Europe into your home or you're wanting to plan your next interstate trip, we've got you covered. Bianca Dye's ultimate travel vision board is a must-read.

Our wining and dining section is very heavy in the alcohol department this season. Our wining content is a drunken mess of wine guides, an analysis of the reinvention of wine tastings, bespoke craft cocktail recipes from an award-winning bartender, and seasonal cocktail roundups. Don't fear, we have included the perfect food pairings in most of these articles.

Recently on Instagram, I conducted a survey to see what style of content you all resonate with the most, and it appears you're either very horny or you just have an insatiable appetite for learning about sex (it's okay, you can have both qualities!). I interviewed certified sex coach Georgia Grace who talks about bedroom toys, 'normal sex' and erotic workshops – I will admit, it's definitely a must-read for those who are curious about intercourse and self-pleasure. We also feature sex-positive podcasts, sex in lockdown, finding love in lockdown, and our bubble. doctor answering some of your awkward (and very relatable) sex questions. Our beloved dating columnists Nadia Bokody and Iona Yeung tackle some very sympathetic stories of being trapped with your partner in iso, as well as the dread of Tinder in quarantine.

Our beauty and health & wellbeing content is a range of immune boosting tips, the evolution of makeup in the last six months (hello, Zoom), the superpower of hemp seed oil, living with Poland syndrome, and a collection of illustrations that will give your soul a boner. Yes, see for yourself.

I also want to thank my new social media and marketing intern Soutara Potter who has taken over the social channels to deliver exciting posts, stories, trivia and cultural content to keep you on your toes in the lead up to the winter issue. She's been a fabulous asset to the bubble. team! (And I can't wait to take her out to Blu Bar for some much-needed  – and belated – drinks to celebrate the launch and all her hard work!)

Continue petitioning, protesting, learning and educating. Just also remember to take a moment for yourself. Happy reading Xx