editor's letter

Welcome to bubble. magazine’s very first issue. The reason the digital brand exists is thanks to my huge appetite for unfiltered conversations on a wide array of thoughts as well as a hunger for cosmopolitan content – and I’m sure many other women would feel the same. In bubble., we dip into travel stories, sex and dating, wining and dining, health and wellbeing, beauty, astrology, and inspiring ‘boss babe’ stories.

I’ve worked with a beautiful and humble team of writers from all parts of the world, sharing their deep intel on taboo topics or educating with their burning passion on niche subject matter. Being a quarterly magazine, each issue plays with seasons – this issue, in particular, celebrating all things autumn. There is a real feel for wining and dining in the cooler seasons and preparing evergreen trips either locally or overseas.

Clean and sustainable beauty has never been so popular. We hear from a well-known beauty blogger and clean-living digital publisher Caviar Feeling on their tips for fresh autumn looks and lists of the best beauty brands in the industry doing their bit for the environment. We also hear from our incredibly in-touch wine columnists on their comical series of ‘how to know you’re dating a wine snob’ through a tongue-in-cheek tale by the wickedly talented Banjo Harris Plane, as well as a recipe of ‘wine wankery’ with terms and definitions by winemaker Sam Plunkett. Hilarious!

We have our sex writers debunking myths of the non-ideal yet annoyingly popular STD problem and blasting truths of women having a much stronger sex drive than men in long-term relationships.

I visited a small number of restaurants for food reviews that you must absolutely check out – they’re all very different. One is the perfect drunk-food take-away shop in Manly for your next DIY Sunday sesh picnic with girlfriends. Another is the chic Italian multi-purpose palace that lives in bustling Barangaroo. The final dining spot is a piece of Santorini tucked away in Sydney’s Oxford Street with generous sharing plates of yia-yia's finest homemade food.

This season’s cover was designed by the insanely talented U.S-based digital artist Elizabeth Kastrava. The South-Carolina gal somehow captured the exact essence of what I wanted for the first issue and for the brand as it evolves – a strong woman in an urban wonderland of hope, dreams, and desires – with a cosmopolitan in hand, of course! The cover art was influenced by a photo taken of me at a rooftop bar in Tribeca, NYC last year. I think the sassy, oversized sunglasses and wild zebra-print jumper really says it all!

Although we’ve entered a tragic path into the new decade with the virus, bushfires and – in my opinion – horrid presidencies across the globe (what's new?), women in their 20s have never had more of an excuse to be social butterflies and enjoy all the good things life has to offer. It's important to have a good work/life balance and play with your social circle – whether that be at rooftop bars with girlfriends or globetrotting with long-term partners (well, I guess after the pandemic is over!). Use this time indoors to plan all the fun and exciting things to do once this is all over. The news can seem seriously bleak at times, but don’t let it burst your bubble!