A collection of things to give your soul

By Porter Davis Homes Interior Designer, Patrizia Romeo

Australians love a European summer holiday. It’s a chance to escape the cooler months and jet off to the other side of the world for sun, sea and delicious Euro cuisine. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, the European summer was off-limits to Aussies for 2020; meaning we’ve all missed out on the chance to sunsoak ourselves in Santorini or scooter around Capri this year.

So, as we can’t go to Europe, why not bring Europe to us? Porter Davis Homes Interior Designer, Patrizia Romeo, shares her tips for bringing a taste of Europe’s summer hot spots into our home:


For a Greek-inspired room, start with a fresh white base and include bright pops of ocean-inspired colours. Cobalt blue, aquamarine and sea green will bring a coastal feel into the home and will lighten up your space. Furnishings of natural materials, such as crisp linen bedding and rattan pendant lights will bring in that island feel. Featuring marble and textured tiling across bathroom and kitchen areas also reflects the natural beauty of the European coastline and the Aegean sea.

A collection of things to give your soul


Spanish flair can be added to any room with the inclusion of half-moon or arched mirrors to mimic the structural features of a spanish villa. Playing with sunset tones like lemon, scarlet, dusty pink and orange will create an instant mood boost within a room. Be sure to incorporate plants such as palms, succulents and exotic florals to bring your Spanish-inspired space to life. Don’t be afraid of bold colours and prints – Spain is all about heat and adventure so let those elements inspire your decor choices.


Embrace the rustic luxury of a Tuscan vineyard by incorporating exposed brick and statement wooden elements in your decor. You can do this through feature walls or by incorporating rustic, country-inspired furniture. Choose earthy colours like reds, terra-cotta and olive green for soft furnishings and be liberal with soft furnishings such as cushions and rugs. Take things further with candles and plenty of fresh flowers to recreate your perfect Italian getaway.


Colour and patterns play a key role in creating a Turkish-inspired room. Emerald greens, cobalt blues, aquamarines and burnt oranges create a rich and vibrant pallet that can be mixed and matched through soft furnishings and painted feature walls. Layered textures like scatter cushions and woven throw blankets also add a Turkish vibe to any space. For bathrooms or the kitchen, the addition of mosaics, terrazzo, textured and patterned wall and floor tiles can act as a key centrepiece to a communal living area.


France is a country of romance and sophistication, so when decorating in French-style, keep it classy and feminine. Natural lighting is key to French styling as it creates a softness that underpins the overall feel of the home and is reminiscent of the French countryside. Colourwise, pastels like dusty blues and sage green can be mixed with deeper inky blues and charcoal to add layers to the space. Minimalist styling with classic furniture pieces will keep the room feeling stylish, and when it comes to art within the home, opt for whimsical prints of birds, flowers, vintage French posters and black and white photos of landscapes.


Two minutes with Portia:


Do you have a personal favourite of your European styling ideas?


My favourite is the Copenhagen style.

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A collection of things to give your soul

What is the most 'spring-like' European country style that our readers should lean towards for a seasonal approach?


Capri in Italy is probably the closest as it's light and airy. Bring the feeling of an Italian summer into your home by using a light and airy palette, using fresh and inviting colours such as blue, lemon and pink. A Capri-inspired home is all about entertaining, so an indoor-outdoor flow is essential. For furnishing, think rustic and refined furniture pieces with layered decor pieces.


Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, such as casual printed floral patterns in fabrics mixed with soft stripes. Adding soft flowy sheers, throws, cushions and floral arrangements will add to the luxury. Greenery is also essential in this look, to elevate the feeling of being amongst nature and being on holiday. 

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