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Meet Matilda (@matildaonvideo), the twenty-something South Australian whose beauty videos on YouTube have attracted an international audience of skincare and make-up lovers.

And it’s not hard to see why. Matilda’s videos are concise, aesthetically-pleasing, and well-researched. The product flatlays in her videos read like a game of beauty Tetris. Pretty bottles, tubes, compacts and palettes are colour-coordinated and perfectly arranged on a crisp white background as she speaks to viewers about her favourite products, looks, textures and ‘colour moods’.

Matilda creates an inspiring array of content, whether she’s taking viewers to cosmetic stores and spas across the world through the camera lens, featuring some of Australia’s best beauty brands and hidden gems, or letting us in on the secret of how she achieves her enviable manicure.

The most popular videos on her channel are her celebrity makeup bag series, where she meticulously researches and reveals the beauty favourites of famous women: from royalty and Hollywood starlets to French it-girls.

bubble. magazine was excited to chat with Matilda about everything beauty for this issue, and highlight an especially important cause.

Charlotte Simpson

– Beauty Columnist

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What inspired you to create your YouTube channel?

I’ve enjoyed photography and videography for many years, but I started filming beauty videos in late 2017 when I was going through a difficult time – I needed a hobby and a creative outlet to enjoy outside my full-time job. That passion project became something more meaningful than I’d ever imagined, and is now part of my job!

Your YouTube channel and Instagram have an air of mystery because we never see your face! Is there a reason behind your flat-lay filming style?

My head was always buried in magazines as a teenager, so filming with a focus on the products felt like bringing a beauty spread from a magazine to life. I like that my channel is more about the content itself, not the creator, and I get to enjoy a longer creative process behind the scenes. I also hope it makes my content feel more approachable because viewers can think about how they'd use products in their own way, rather than making any comparisons.

Have you had any “pinch me” moments since starting your channel?

Every day feels like a bit of a ‘pinch me’ moment! Not only have I been fortunate to work with brands and figures in the beauty industry I’ve admired for years, but the daily connections and new friends around the world stand out the most. I actually met Charlotte (who was kind enough to interview me for this article) in a Mecca store in Sydney last year and we swapped product tips!

Do you have any favourite ethical or sustainable beauty brands?

Many of my top brands use recycled materials in their product packaging, like Kjaer Weis, RMS Beauty, Ilia and Tata Harper. I also love seeing companies launch with a commitment to sustainability right from the outset, like the Los-Angeles based body care brand Nécessaire. I’m planning more content on sustainable beauty steps and brands this year.

I love your philosophy of never recommending anything, because what works for you might not work for others. Do you believe this helps your audience make more conscious decisions about what they purchase?

I hope that’s the feeling that comes across! I was an avid YouTube viewer for many years before I started my channel, so I wanted to avoid the usual language that encourages purchases (“I guarantee you’ll love this”, “you need this”, “you have to try this”). I hope my content feels more like a conversation with a friend – sharing information and my own experience, but always letting viewers be the judge of will work for them.

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TH LEAD - 03 Campus Crushes- 04 (33).png

Since it’s the autumn issue of bubble., can you tell us your go-to autumn makeup look?

I’m always drawn to burgundy, burnt orange and terracotta tones, so autumn might be my favourite season for beauty! Warm shades work well for my green eyes all year round, but I love reaching for more rusty red eyeshadows, rosy brown cream blushes and deep brick red lipsticks as the temperature drops.

It’s amazing that you’re using your platform to aid the bushfire crisis. Can you tell us about your Kangaroo Island initiative?

The devastation of the bushfires this summer felt completely overwhelming, but I wanted to try to help in some small way. In my home state of South Australia, half of Kangaroo Island was wiped out by fire, lives were lost and tens of thousands of wildlife perished. The Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park became a vital rescue and recovery centre, so I’ve tried to rally my online community to help contribute to their important work. I’m completely blown away that we passed my $10,000 target, and I’ll be taking viewers to the park later this year (through my camera lens) to see what we contributed to.

What will we be seeing on your channel in 2020? (And any hints for which celebrity will feature next in your make-up bag series)?

I have such a long list of videos I’m looking forward to filming this year! More nail polish content is on the horizon, new brand overviews, lots of lip glosses, and my usual edits of particular concepts or colour moods. There are many Celebrity Makeup Bags researched and ready to film too, so you’ll see a few red lipstick-loving stars from the US and UK soon!

If you wish to donate to Matilda’s fundraiser for Kangaroo Island, you can do so here:

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