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This season, we spoke to Belen and Ana from Caviar Feeling – a digital destination touching on fashion, beauty and living. They shared with us the best trends for autumn, great clean beauty brands, and some personal favourite beauty tips for the season.

How did Caviar Feeling come about?

Belen and I used to be flatmates for a while and we knew we wanted to work together at some point. I was always super passionate about the fashion industry and Belen was such a great writer, so after working for the media industry we decided to jump on a project together. We wanted to create something where we give la créme de la créme but also educate people in terms of clean beauty and sustainability, as it’s something very important to the two of us.

Can you give us some background on Caviar Feeling and the concept behind the website?

Belen and I both have the same background in advertising & PR, followed by a career in the publishing industry back in Europe. A few years later, I moved to Australia and started working in media for a while. Belen then moved here too and we decided to create our own publication focused on fashion and clean beauty as we thought there was a gap in the market that needed to be addressed.


Why clean beauty?

We are beyond passionate about beauty and skincare and as we both have problematic skin (not usual for beauty editors) we found clean beauty as the best solution for us. We also found a gap in the market saying that not many Australian publications focus on clean beauty. It was then that we decided to create and share our knowledge by being the go-to platform where you can find the best products, techniques, reviews and also learn all about this trendy but easily misunderstood topic of clean beauty.

What are some personal favourite beauty tips from Caviar?

  • Be gentle with you skin barrier

  • Cultivate a happy gut

  • Don’t over-exfoliate your skin

  • Ditch the habit of touching your face during the day

  • Sleep with a silk pillowcase

What are some great beauty trends for Autumn 2020?

  • Effortless Beauty: We like to now go for a more “skinmalist” but effective beauty routine.

  • Non-makeup Look: Less is more, so Autumn 2020 will be more skincare and less makeup.

  • Anti Pollution Skincare: We are more aware than ever before on the climate change issue. Aim to go for skincare brands that offer new products to fight air pollution, as this can affect unfortunate skin ageing and acne.

  • Structure Brows: Strong and polished brows are the new way to tweak a non-makeup look.

Many brands are becoming more sustainable and are cautious of wastage. What are some of the greatest brands/labels that are sustainable in their process and have fabulous style?

There are so many amazing brands out there at the moment so it’s very hard to pick just a few. If we have to choose though, we love Arbonne. They just got the (B-corp) certification which is the highest standard of a verified social and environmental performance. We do also love Edible Beauty as their ingredients are ethical, botanical and cruelty free plus the packaging is made by dark violet recyclable glass. Last but not least, Inika Organics is a certificated organic,100% cruelty free and plant based brand that has an amazing range of skincare and makeup products.

Ana Caviar Feeling

Where in the world, would you say, is becoming the most sustainable with their beauty/fashion at the moment?

We wouldn’t say a specific part of the world is the lead on this as we’re noticing sustainability reaching everywhere from the States to Asia and Europe. But it’s also true that a great amount of green cosmetic and skincare brands have their home around the US and the UK, making those a reliable source of inspiration to be followed. Meanwhile, Australia has nothing to envy offering a great range of green beauty brands on the market with the ones we mentioned before as great examples.

Who is an iconic woman you believe has great style and attitude towards clean beauty and fashion?

There’s no doubt about this for Belen and I. We literally looked at each other and yelled “Victoria Beckham!” She has such great taste on the fashion panorama, backed with more than a decade of minimalistic and polished looks. In terms of clean beauty, she’s also made herself a name in the industry launching a beauty line last year with signature makeup and skincare goodies that we’re truly obsessed with!

What is one tip you have for anyone out there when choosing clean products?

This is a hard one! We would say try to understand what’s on the labels of each product, know what ingredients work better for you and don’t fool your derma with trends that might be harsh for your skin type. To make this easy for you, get yourself the latest on clean beauty brand scanning apps such as Healthy Living or Think Dirty , among others.

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