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Certified sex coach Georgia Grace is also a writer and speaker for radio and podcasts. She writes a regular column for GQ called ‘Ask a Sex Coach’, and has been published in Body + Soul, whimn, and other similar titles. She released her first book ‘The Pleasure Journal’ last year; it’s essentially a masturbation diary where it teaches women about masturbation and self pleasure.

Georgia admits that she’s always been really interested in sex. As a young girl, she was fascinated by it and there was just never enough reliable information on the topic. “I found myself reading and researching, buying all the magazines and chatting to friends, yet never felt I got the true education that I wanted around sex,” says Georgia.

Georgia studied journalism at university, and in her final year she was working at a community radio station and basically every story she was producing was on sex. “I was speaking with researchers, sex workers, psychologists – pretty much anyone who knew something new and exciting about sex that I didn’t. I really loved that and being around those people who had new ideas and were pioneering in that space.


“I actually got a job in corporate PR – it wasn’t for me. After a few years, I quit and started studying again. Ever since, I’ve been working as a sex coach.”

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Georgia says the most common question she receives from clients or social media followers is the question that’s underneath everything that surrounds sex. That question is: “Am I normal?”. Georgia says people essentially want to know if they are normal when it comes to sex. 


“Is their fantasy normal? Is their body functioning in a normal way? Is their attraction to some type of person normal? It’s amazing that when it comes to sex everyone just wants to fit in, but in all other aspects of life people want to be extraordinary and different and unique.”


As a certified sex coach, Georgia hosts a variety of workshops (and online courses) to teach people all sorts of things when it comes to getting intimate in the bedroom – either with your partner, a casual hook up, or yourself. “There are a few key elements throughout my workshops. The first would be that they’re really practical so people will learn real tangible skills that they can take away to their masturbation or to sex with others. Depending on the topic – whether it’s orgasms, pleasure, mindful sex – people will leave with a plan.” 


Georgia revealed another key part of her workshops is communication. “Workshops are such a powerful way to learn because they’re not just learning from me as an educator or coach, but they’re learning from a group. Everyone has their own sexual career, so there is so much that you can learn from the person sitting next to you that you wouldn't learn from an expert or someone who’s qualified – but it’s just as interesting and valuable.”


Another key element of Georgia’s workshops is the way she tries to normalise whatever they’re speaking about and make it really fun. “It can feel quite radical coming along to a sex workshop and speaking openly about sex. Everyone at the beginning is usually quite nervous and anxious – then again, it can be a whole spectrum of different emotions and experiences. Towards the end though, people feel much more connected and relaxed.”


Georgia explains how we’re in a sexual revolution at the moment and we’re speaking about sex more than ever before – which is amazing. She said that because it’s come upon us so quickly, we’re still figuring out ways to speak about sex. We’re told “you can go and have sex with whoever you want” and “you can create a sexual life that is exciting for you”, but because we haven’t actually educated people in how to have these conversations or different ideas around sex, we’re sort of just figuring it out ourselves as we go. 

“Unfortunately yes, there is still a stigma around casual hook ups. But, it also depends on who you are. I live in Sydney in a metropolitan area, so because of that people are typically more open about hookups. For other people who live in different areas, and even if you look at different cultures, hookups and one-night-stands are a completely different experience.

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"For instance, New York is way beyond Sydney in how we understand and feel about sex, so it really depends. Some people have a really positive and healthy experience and approach to sex and others still feel a lot of shame and fear and stigma around it.”


If you follow Georgia on social media, you’ll understand how she uses platforms like Instagram as a tool to educate and collect information to share with her followers. “I use my Instagram in quite a dynamic way. The main way that I use social media is creating Q&As – I love learning from people and their experiences. I find it really interesting and I love sharing that so people can learn what others are thinking and feeling. Whether that’s in the form of an IGTV or video or post, I’m really focused on education and providing new ideas. 


“I also share core ideas from influencers, activists or anyone who has a really cool perspective on a topic that is sometimes not always related to sex but related to bodies and experiences of humans.”


Georgia reveals what sex toy brands she recommends for bubble. readers. “I, conveniently, am the ambassador for We-Vibe and before I was the ambassador they were my go-to for recommending clients. Their pleasure technology is fantastic – I love their products. The inclusion of sex toys into couple sex is really important and what they’re doing to close the orgasmg gap and just make pleasure a universal thing is really changing how we have sex with each other and sex with ourselves.”


Georgia admits her favourite lube at the moment is Yes Organic – her two favourites are the oil-based and the water-based. “The oil-based is great for something that’s more long-lasting and the water-based is great if you’re having any sexual experience that involves water (like in the shower, the bath). Keep in mind though that oil-based isn’t great for sex toys, but water-based is. It’s just like your great multipurpose lube.”


Another of Georgia’s recommendations is Love Honey. “They’re a great distributor of pleasure toys, vibrators and accessories. They’re really reliable, they’re discreet and they deliver really quickly.”

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