editor's letter

As we head into the warmer weather, I feel like unprecedented times are slowly dissolving and optimism is blooming. Restrictions are easing, people are out and about again and there's a sense of appreciation for life. 

Never again will we take advantage of the small things that make life more exciting, like wining and dining at our favourite local restaurants, interstate travel, and even going to the gym.

Honestly, I think everyone is tired of hearing about Covid and how uncertain times are – people want certainty again, in some shape or form. So, on that note, the spring issue focuses on a rebirth of optimism and celebrates new brands and (positive) perspectives born throughout Covid. 

In the health and wellbeing section, our trusty comic strip has returned: 'Soul Boners' – a collection of illustrations that will make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. We also have a roundup of mental health benefits from owning a houseplant or two written by Dayle Beazley – last season's most popular writer with her personal essay on living with Poland Syndrome.

In our beauty pillar, we have a collection of beauty reviews as well as a zero-waste skincare routine written in the form of diary-entry by beauty columnist Charlotte Simpson. One of our most exciting reads is our roundup of spring skincare trends based on Sydney postcodes – the comical stereotypes are both endearing and utterly true.

In our sex and dating section this season, we look at WHY we have fetishes and why understanding them can help improve our sex lives. Another article focuses on the latest and greatest erotic audio resource, Dipsea, and how it feeds everyone's desires with its diverse range of sexy stories.

In our travel section, we get creative and speak to a popular interior designer from Porter Davis who teaches us how we can bring a taste of Europe into our home. Our regular travel columnist Chiara Fayn – who usually writes about her personal connections with Italy – opts for interstate travel this season by counting the reasons why you should visit the Hunter Valley this spring.

In our wining and dining pillar, the founder of Brown Paper Wine shares his unique vision on the future of wine. We also have a roundup of restaurant reviews boasting seasonal menus (French, contemporary Korean, sea salt bottomless brunch, and three-way American cuisines). Our recipe roundup also, of course, celebrates spring flavours to inspire your cooking and baking for upcoming dinner parties, DIY girl's brunches, and simply breakfast at home.

Lastly, our boss babe section is jam-packed with interviews. Think: Fashion designers, PR queens, artists and an emerging musician. Our wickedly talented cover artist this season – Berlin-based fashion illustrator, Victoria Arnold – shares her inspiration and her story. Definitely a must-read. We also sat down with Geoffrey Chuah, the brilliant photographer behind our magazine's first-ever photoshoot (featuring Beeb Designs – Q&A with the designer also available in the boss babe section). Geoffrey comically shares two disastrous shoots he's worked on – one involving the police! And no, bubble. magazine's photoshoot is NOT one of the disaster stories...or is it?

We hope this issue brings more positivity as we finally reach the end of 2020 (yay) and we can't wait to share with you what we have in store for summer!

Editor-in-Chief, Claudia Siron X