Podcasts have become an insanely popular medium. In fact, there are over 30 million episodes as of January 2020.

We millennials have an insatiable appetite for listening to audio on true crime stories and reality show recaps while we cook, drive to work and paint our nails on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Besides being such avid listeners, it also appears everyone who has something to say wants to host a podcast themselves!

My Top 10 Boss Babe podcasts aren’t necessarily based on their podcast ranking or how many subscribers they have, but rather on their purpose and their wholistic message on being a millennials woman and wanting power in the workforce, dating or wherever it may be. These podcasts represent unique voices that are making a huge impact within their communities. I apologise in advance if you’re completely addicted to any of these after their first episodes!

Millennial Minimalists, hosted by Kelly & Lauren
Socials: @millennialminimalists, @cwkellyfoss & @laurenmorley

Everyone dreams of living a less complicated life, and millennial boss babes Kelly & Lauren have a podcast exactly on that – living simply! It dives into everyday topics that will inspire you to live a simpler and more intentional life.

By Dimity Edwards
– podcast host


Mommy Millionaire, hosted by Cayla Craft
Socials: @mommymillionaire.co & @cayla.craft

If you're a millennial mum with big ambitions, then this is the podcast for you. Nurse turned self-made millionaire Cayla Craft delves into topics that encourage her mummy audience to listen to their aspirations and genuine desire for success. She shares her greatest tips on how to pursue a life by your own design. Each episode, Cayla delivers sweet success stories as well as savvy business tips to help you gain insight and confidence in your entrepreneurial endeavours.

The BossBabe Podcast, hosted by Natalie & Danielle
Socials: @bossbabe.inc, @iamnatalie & @daniellecanty

BossBabe is one of the largest online communities of ambitious women and female entrepreneurs. Hosts Natalie and Danielle are your queen leaders of the digital boss babe world. They share real behind the scenes stories of building a successful business, thriving at your peak performance and reveal how you can actually achieve it all. This podcast hosts some of the best entrepreneurs of our modern world, so you better get those notepads ready!

The Perfectionism Project, hosted by Sam Laura Brown
Socials: @samlaurabrown

For all the women who possess the perfectionism trait, this is your new ‘go-to’ podcast. The Perfectionism Project is here to teach you how to beat procrastination, overcome perfectionism and become your best self. Host Sam Laura Brown is just a delight to listen to with so many relatable stories and practical advice. As a recovering perfectionist myself, I found my head just nodding in agreement from start to finish. If you too are a recovering perfectionist, procrastinator, overthinker and people-pleaser who’s ready to knock off those pesky thoughts and feelings, this is your podcast!

RISE Podcast by Rachel Hollis
Socials: @msrachelhollis

Rachel Hollis is a New York Times best-seller and hosts the very practical podcast RISE. Throughout her episodes, she shares tactical tools to enhance your life and business. For the bold type of millennial females who are ready to step into power and join their sisterhood of powerhouse women, this podcast will most definitely be played on repeat in their car.

Payday with Rayray by Rachel Bell
Socials: @rachelbell

Rachel Bell is a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple seven figure businesses using the power of social media marketing.

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On this podcast, you will learn to think differently and create more powerfully. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who is a coach, consultant or service-based online business who is ready to take massive action toward their goals. Rachel oozes value and I know for sure that after you listen to her podcast that you too will be enjoying better pay days.

KIC pod, hosted by Keep It Cleaner co-founders
Socials: @keepitcleaner @stephclairesmith and @laurahenshaw

Steph and Laura radiate health and wellness for women. Their KIC pod will be your new weekly D&M on the stuff that matters. They host badass guests who speak on all the relevant topics relatable to most millennial women. For the days you need a bigger sister pick-me-up, be sure to tune in and get your healthy dose!

She’s On The Money by Victoria Devine
Socials: @shesonthemoneyaus

Have you ever been curious to ask questions surrounding money but feel a little awkward about it all? Well, She’s On The Money hosted by Victoria Devine will become your new financially-fit best friend. This podcast is your one-stop destination for advice on financial freedom (without skimping on the necessity of Sunday brunch). Victoria is a money expert and opens conversations about mullah in a refreshingly new way. If you have been looking for a solution to your financially secure future, don’t miss another episode!

Life Uncut by Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne
Socials: @lifeuncutpodcast @brittany_hockley & @ladyandacat

I don’t know about you, but sometimes being a woman in this generation can feel lonely, even with technology at our fingertips. Well, Brittney and Laura from the Life Uncut podcast will soon feel like your newest gal pals. They keep it light and funny discussing topics on love, life, lust and a bunch of other relatable stuff! They keep nothing off limits and love to discuss the depths of the modern dating world!

Shameless by Michelle and Zara
Socials: @shamelesspodcast @michelleandrews1 & @zamcdonald

If you haven’t listened to an episode of Shameless then you must stop reading this and go subscribe to it now! ... I’ll wait ... Okay, thanks for coming back. Discribed as “the independent podcast for smart women who love ‘the dumb stuff’” – celebrity chat, reality show recaps – this podcast will have you listening in close and perhaps even changing your perspective on certain things you were previously quite sure of. Get the wine out and audibly hangout with the Shameless girls, and I promise you’ll never regret it!

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