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We sat down with Elly Novosel, the founder of Milk and Butter Media. The PR queen told us about the inception of her business, the biggest challenges of having a business, as well as something she’s learned during Covid-19.


When did you realise you loved PR/media and when/how did Milk and Butter come about?


I realised I loved PR/marketing and media when I was in my last year of university and gained hands on experience within the industry. Milk and Butter Media came about while I was working elsewhere in a marketing department and started to get approached by small businesses to take on freelance work.

I started to get an increase in demand for my services which put me in a position where I was fortunate enough to go on my own and eventually build an agency with staff.  


What is the main purpose and vision for the business?


The main purpose of the business is to continue to help businesses grow their awareness and foot traffic. The ultimate vision would be to expand our services interstate. 

A collection of things to give your soul

What types of clients do you work with?


Clients are within the hospitality, beauty and lifestyle industries.


What are some of the biggest challenges of having your own business?


Establishing a healthy work life balance is certainly one of the main challenges when you’re a business owner. The business is your pride and joy, and it’s so easy to fall into a habit of working 24/7. It is important to not only establish a balance for yourself, but ensure your staff also live a healthy work-life balance as well.


What is something you've learned about the industry during Covid–19?


It is important to be flexible and have the ability to adapt swiftly when circumstances are sprung. I've learnt that one needs to be a quick-thinker in this industry to ensure they are providing their clients with the innovative content to stay relevant in a time when the world is in lock down – particularly with service-based businesses. 

If Milk and Butter Media was a ______, it would be a ______:


A flower: A peony for their extravagant appearance and lower-end cost by only requiring a few individual stems.


A TV show: Friends, because it's a classic and we believe it's important to be a good friend and have good friends.

A colour: Blush pink .


A drink: A strawberry milkshake because it reflects our logo and colours.

Iconic Women: Blaire Waldorf for her passion and determination! 

Song: Any song that reminds me of a European Summer!