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Indiana Reed is the founder and owner of Naked Curve.

 The brand aims to be a voice for change and fight to see sizing in Australia become more inclusive so that fashion can be more accessible to everyone. As Indiana would say: “Wearing Naked Curve pieces really is like writing a love letter to yourself.”

When and why did you become a curve model, and when did Naked Curve come about?


Naked Curve came about well before I got into modelling. I graduated in February of 2018 with a BA of Commerce and Business Law in Perth after studying online for four years. When I was over in Perth, I was chatting to a friend who was a size 18 and she was telling me how she was really struggling to find lingerie in her size that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

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I jumped online to help her and was genuinely shocked that almost all brands stopped at a size 12 – 14 if you were lucky! Any size beyond that was considered ‘specialty sizing’ and was super expensive because of it.

I spent a good few days researching all I could about lingerie. Within just a couple of weeks I had taught myself to build a basic website, I ordered a few samples to trial and photograph and by March 1st Naked Curve went live.


As for the modelling, it was actually by chance that I ended up with BELLA Management. I was doing a shoot for Naked Curve and the model I had booked in my size cancelled the night before! All the other models were super encouraging and told me I should jump in and give it a go. Cue hair and makeup and there I was in an industrial car park wearing very little but thankfully surrounded by seven other incredible women.

What is the main purpose of the brand?


Naked Curve exists to offer women beautiful, affordable pieces of lingerie and swimwear that encourages them to express themselves! We are all about keeping it real by using a diverse range of women, skipping the airbrushing and loving ourselves just the way we are.


What are some of the biggest challenges of owning your own business?


One of the biggest challenges I have come across so far is finding the right staff to give my business the love that I give it. I have definitely learnt to hire a whole lot slower and fire faster over the years. It’s really challenging at first to delegate roles you know you are capable of doing, but there comes a tipping point when you know your time can be better spent in other areas of the business.


Finding time to unwind is also super tough and something I have to actively force myself to do. Starting out initially can be really isolating, and your friends don’t always understand why you are staying in on the weekend to work on your website or do inventory. It’s a massive change from a 9–5 job, but if you don’t put the hours in you can’t complain when you don’t get the result you want. It helped to have an incredibly supportive partner that put a blanket over me at 3am when I’d fallen asleep on my laptop countless nights in a row.

Lastly, not a challenge but a notable mention is seeing copycats pop up all over the place. Not competitors, but people literally copying your every move. This happens in all industries and you just can’t take it personally or spend time caring about what they are doing. As long as you are staying true to your brand and build a raving fan base the copycats will only ever be in your rearview mirror.

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What is something you've learned about the retail/fashion industry during COVID–19?


The most important thing I have learnt during this period is that it’s okay to keep advertising and it’s important you keep pushing through. Customers are still there and they are generally quite understanding if you are transparent and honest with the challenges you are facing as a small business. 


Fashion and retail are massive industries that aren’t going away anytime soon. The place we are in now is unprecedented and no one could have prepared for anything like this. The sooner you pivot your business to fit our new normal, the better off you are going to be. Online is a great place to be but it’s definitely not unaffected. No business is fully immune to this and locating your weak points is the best place to focus in this fight to stay alive.

Who are some of the women who model for Naked Curve?


I have been lucky enough to work with dozens of gorgeous women since creating this business. One of my favourites is Leecie Munster who is the gorgeous six-foot-tall goddess covered in tattoos. She has been with me since day one and is now one of my closest friends. I love that I have a platform that enables me to showcase such a beautiful woman with awesome art all over her body. Connecting with Leecie initially was one of the few times that sliding into someone’s dms and telling them how sexy they are actually had a positive outcome!


Another Naked Curve regular is Eloise Gill who is the curvy blonde currently all over my site. Elo has also been with me since the very first shoot and one of the gorgeous women who encouraged me to start modelling myself. Elo has to be one of the sweetest women I have ever met! Her body is KILLER too and her smile lights up my whole site.


Amy Zampetides is another regular you’ll see in our swimwear and lingerie. She’s the gorgeous brunette with the greatest resting bitch face I have ever seen. The way she looks at your soul through the lens of a camera is like nothing I have seen before. Amy has one of the most captivating looks and a body to die for. Working with her is always fun – and having a few wines with her is even better!


Another two of my favourites are Hayley Sykes and Jaime Frith who have also become beautiful friends of mine. It’s really amazing to have formed some lifelong friendships with such wonderful and talented women.

What are some of your personal favourite pieces?

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Naked Curve bubble. magazine
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This is always a tough question because I love so many pieces! Whenever I buy samples, they’re always in my size (of course)! If I had to choose though, I’d say the Duchess set and Honey Pot set which are favourites amongst my customers too. Also, the Penelope bodysuit and Elektra are choices I wear a lot. Swimwear-wise, I would have to say Sorrento makes the top five.


Are adult toys selling well during COVID–19?


Adult toys are the absolute go-to for my customers at the moment – and I totally get it! Isolation can be like soooo isolating! We have restocked the Satisfyer Pro 2 with vibration three times in four weeks which is unheard of! We’ve also had many requests for couples toys too, so we have added in a whole bunch of new toys that can be used with your partner via app connection and Bluetooth – even if they are on the other side of the world!

What has been a memorable moment since the brand's establishment?


I think one of the best moments I have had with this business is when my mum shed a tear at a shoot saying that it was beautiful seeing so many women looking and feeling confident in their bodies. She realised that she had been way too hard on herself for so long and it was time to be kind to her body. It just made me realise that what I do impacts people on a much deeper level than I initially thought. Wearing Naked Curve pieces really is like writing a love letter to yourself. 


If Naked Curve was a ____ it would be a _____:


Flower: A bird of paradise because our pieces are striking and our women are strong and proudly stand out.

TV show: The Bold Type because our women are diverse characters who are not cut from the same cloth. They challenge what we have been taught and like to colour outside of the lines.

Iconic woman: Sophia Loren because she has lived her life unapologetically like our women. Also because her most famous quote attributes her famous figure to pasta! So, there’s that too.

Colour: A deep crimson red because our customers are fierce, fiery and bold women who were born to stand out.

Dessert: Tiramisu because our women are delicious and sweet, fluffy and soft in all the right places with a splash of strong liquor, giving them all a little edge over others.

Song: Fighter by Christina Aguilera because our pieces demand your attention. When women wear them with pride it liberates their powerful voice from within.

Cocktail: A sex on the beach because our pieces are both flirty and fun and after you have few, you get a whole lot more confident and enticing!

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