Autumn wine roundup: Sapid sips for this season

We’ve rounded up our favourite wines to enjoy during the crispy time of year:

Devil’s Corner

Tasmanian wine brand Devil's Corner has released a Pinot Noir Rosé, Sparkling Cuvee NV and Pinot Noir that are perfect for drinking throughout autumn.

Calm meets chaos, where Devil’s Corner’s vines meet the sea. A destination for seafaring travellers and those seeking great wine, local produce and good adventure, the Devil’s Corner approach to winemaking is similar to that of the intrepid sailors who dared to cross the nearby rugged waters: Bold yet humble. Fearless yet considered.

Located along Tasmania’s east coast – a scenic two-hour drive from Hobart or an hour-and-a-half from Launceston – Devil’s Corner is home to the wild.

Created between Devil’s Corner and the deep blue sea, they’re at the mercy of nature in their wild corner of Tasmania where the difference of a second, minute, hour or day, can mean the difference between greatness and devastation. But, instead of fighting the elements, the Devil’s Corner team have learned to lean into them; harnessing them in order to make the highest quality cool-climate wines.

At its heart is Pinot Noir – the hero – but the entire range features all the cool climate favourites: Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay to Pinot Grigio, Riesling and a Sparkling Cuvee.

Head winemaker Tom Wallace describes each wine’s personality with a comedic bio to help you choose which ones make the cut for your next soirée:

The Pinot Noir Rosé

A film: The name of the Rose – obvious connotations with the name.

A city: Provence in France is famous for its rosé wine, so this wine makes me think

of the stunning town.

An era: 2020s. This wine is for now. It is fresh, youthful and vibrant.

An iconic person: Harry Styles – young, cool and stylish. He also sings Watermelon Sugar and watermelon reminds me of our rosé.

Best setting for drinking this wine: By the beach or in the park on a sunnier day.

Sparkling Cuvee NV

A film: The Social Network – a clever movie and well-made like our sparkling.

A city: San Francisco. I lived here for six months and loved it. Lots of clubbing and


An era: The Roaring Twenties. It was post-war – a time of celebration and partying.

An iconic person: Michelle Obama – smart, witty and strong. She should run for


Best setting for drinking this wine: Any celebration. Could be just getting home from work or the start of the weekend.

New release Pinot Noir

A film: Sideways. Has a classic line about never drinking another Merlot!

A city: Melbourne – a city full of people flaunting different styles and backgrounds, just like the different styles of Pinot Noir.

An era: The '90s. A great time for music for my generation, and when Pinot Noir became


An iconic person: Sam Neill. A Kiwi actor who makes great Pinot Noir.

Best setting for drinking this wine: Pinot Noir is a great all-rounder – soft yet complex, so enjoy it

everywhere and at any occasion.

Editor’s review:

My favourites from the incredible range were the Sparkling Cuvee and the Pinot Noir. Firstly, I’m a huge fan of bubbles and not really much of a red wine drinker. I found the sparkling to be on that perfect part of the sweet and dry spectrum (not too sweet), as it’s 75% chardonnay and 25% pinot noir. I paired the wine with some oysters on the balcony with a friend on a warmer day, to really embrace the zesty, citrus aromas. It was a beautiful moment, pleasantly paired with the Cuvee.

As for the Pinot Noir, I genuinely enjoyed its fruity base with flavours including spicy black cherry, dark fruits and hints of raspberries. I accompanied the glass of red with a few squares of dark Lindt chocolate when having a night in tackling work deadlines. It was tempting to have another glass as it was that delicious, but I savoured the rest for the following night when I was with a group of girlfriends watching Sex and the City. Relishing the soft red with some cheese and fruit was the indulgence we not-so-quietly had been craving.


Vranken-Pommery has introduced its distinguished Rosé Portfolio (a fusion of the Château La Gordonne collection and the Domaine Royal de Jarras collection) featuring five beautiful rosés each with its own unique history and taste. And, little side note, the grapes for these rosés were grown at a vineyard that is quite literally the backdrop for a romance history movie! Think: stunning coastline covered with crawling green vines, pink flamingos gathered amongst the vines that grow straight from the sand, and a colony of wild Camargue horses freely roam.

Inge Fransen, the CEO of Vranken Pommery Australia, describes each wine’s personality with a comedic bio to help you choose which ones make the cut for your next soirée:

The Château La Gordonne collection:

Film: La Dolce Vita – elegant and about the pure beauty of life.

City: Saint Tropez – French, Mediterranean, romantic, delicious.

An era: Timeless – whilst Chateau la Gordonne originates from 1652, the brand and wine remains modern and trendy.

An iconic person: Brigitte Bardot – unofficially the most iconic French woman living in La Madrague.

The Domaine Royal de Jarras collection:

Film: Our Planet by David Attenborough – a terrific documentary capturing the environment and how we need to respect the nature we are surrounded by. Domaine de Jarras in Camargue, with more than 300 species, is an exceptional and astonishing natural reserve.

City: Aigues-Mortes – like this rosé, it’s fun and easy-going, with incredible history and surrounded by the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches.

An era: '50s/'60s – different, fun, la vie en rosé….

An iconic person: Amelia Earhart – a female aviator in a man’s world. Domaine de Jarras wines are produced by female winemaker Auriane Eysseric.

What is the best setting for each collection?

Both are to be enjoyed all year long, but these rosé wines are particularly enticing just on its own with a few cubes of ice on a balcony or by the pool.

What food best compliments each wine?

Pair with seafood, light snacks, poultry or cheese. Better yet, try with spicy Asian food – to die for!

What inspired you to create these wines?

The terroir of our vineyards (limestone, clay and shale), the quality of our grapes (grenache, cinsault, syrah) and the know-how of our talented winemakers. The inspiration naturally comes from working with nature and producing what the vines provide. We work with the land and ensure extraordinary care for the surrounding fauna and flora – sustainability has always been a priority.

Editor’s review:

I sampled the Domaine Royal de Jarras rosé as well as the The Château La Gordonne rosé. Comparing the two was a challenge, as they were quite similar. However I believe I would be leaning ever so slightly towards the The Château La Gordonne. I had this one on Valentine’s Day with a friend of mine (so really, ‘Galentine’s Day’) at our picnic overlooking Sydney harbour. I fell in love with the rosé paired with the salmon, dill and cream cheese. It was utter perfection.

Made from the classic Provence rosé blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault. It has a generous bouquet with aromas of ripe red fruits, such as fresh strawberry, and notes of blackcurrant and violet. The palate again shows red fruit but this time with grapefruit and other citrus; there’s a touch of richness on the finish.

"Giving up plenty of wild strawberry, wild herbs and herbes de Provence-styled aromas and flavours, the Cotes de Provence Rosé is medium-bodied, nicely balanced and refreshing, with enough texture to handle the dinner table, and enough freshness to stand on its own.” – Cloudwine

I instantly fell in love with the notes – a fusion of wild strawberry and herbs. Combining the two offers a unique taste and kick – especially because it held a stronger flavour compared to other rosés I’ve tried in the past.

The other rosé was smooth and delicate – very easy to drink. There also wasn’t that acidity some wines leave as a rude aftertaste, so that was a huge bonus! I was in awe of the pale pink colour and the aromatic notes of ripe cherries, raspberries, strawberries, and hints of spicy and herbal touches. I drank a glass of this rosé at home with my sister, pairing it with light dips and crackers.