Basement Brewhouse: Your ultimate Sunday brunch fix

Stepping out of the North Shore bubble into Sydney’s South West, Basement Brewhouse situated inside the intriguing and ever-so theatrical Bankstown Sports Club awaited us; the perfect cure to those Sunday blues.

The comfortable and spacious setting embodying a luxe lounge room vibe (think: couches, your own personal television set, a familiar radio channel, and friendly staff serving your food – well, we can only wish that happened at home) has ultimately changed the game for Sunday brunch.

Basement Brewhouse sporting an American-traditional feast-like menu will have you left satisfied with bountiful energy to start the week after a giant-sized weekend of social activity.

My sister (Eloise) accompanied me in sampling some of the boozy hangover elixirs as well as the generous portions of hearty diner foods.

To start off, we ordered a Brewhouse Mary – a loaded Bloody Mary with fresh tomato, paprika, tabasco, jalapeño, vodka and smoky Worcestershire sauce; as well as the Hangover Jug – a concoction of fruits and liqueurs to help cure our broken souls.

Me being an avid fan of cocktails with an edge, I especially enjoyed indulging the Brewhouse’s take on a Bloody Mary with its extra kick. The sparked, peppery aromas renewing my energy, transforming me into somewhat of a human being again. It was undisputedly electric.

The sweet blend of berries and booze found in the Hangover Jug did just the trick as well with its tasty notes of raspberries and mango (a perfect pairing) to help shake off our Sunday sorrows. (Note: concoction subject to change.) Eloise fell in love with the confectionary-like taste, helping herself to perhaps more than enough rounds of the liquid remedy.

We ordered The Mortgage (a brunch plate consisting of bacon, fried egg, grilled halloumi, smashed avocado, rocket and tomato relish on a potato bun, served with potato fries) as well as the Southern Bell Waffle Sandwich (an American-style breakfast boasting a homey palate thanks to its buttermilk fried chicken, crispy bacon, cheese and fried egg served in between waffles and drizzled with sweet maple syrup).

The Mortgage being a whimsical take on a Green Bowl with it’s overly delicious elements of nourishment was a gratifying choice of food to end our weekend. A solid mix of textures and flavours.

The Southern Bell Waffle Sandwich was an absolute heart-attack; one we actually can’t wait to endure again... The waffles infused with maple syrup and then paired with the crispy bacon (amongst other touches) was soul-warming and felt like an imaginary hug. If ‘hygge’ was an American way of living, this would be it. The coziness and comfort of the meal (and to go a step further, the experience) really offered up a genuine feeling of contentment. I was in complete awe of the array of flavours and would highly recommend this as a share plate for your Sunday brunch at Bankstown’s Basement Brewhouse.

To compliment our larger-than-life meals, we also requested a side of cheeseburger spring rolls. And Oh. My. God. It truly was the perfect harmony of Big Mac meets deep-fried Chinese pancakes. Indulging in these spring rolls was our favourite part of our mid-morning dining sesh. The fusion of beef, cheese, ‘ketchup’, pickles and dipping sauce tasted eerily familiar by bonding two best-loved foods, yet offered such a unique zest due to its merging.

Leaving in complete and utter wonderment – as well as a couple of well-fed bellies – we cannot recommend this tucked away brewhouse more for its Sunday Brunch special. We’ll most certainly be back for two colossal rounds of spring rolls and a jug of hangover magic!

Basement Brewhouse’s brunch special is available every Sunday from 11.30am.

Images supplied.