The best clitoral stimulators out right now

Is anyone else ‘clitorally’ sick of the taboos surrounding women’s self-pleasure? Because honestly, we shouldn’t feel ashamed or uncomfortable talking about female masturbation and orgasms. In order for us to thrive and find inner self-confidence in what we like and how to pleasure ourselves and our partners, we need to explore our own bodies and find the ‘sweet spots’ that make our bodies sing. And it’s never too late to ignite that fire and begin exploring the endless possibilities of self-pleasure.

There’s proven scientific reasons why women should feel free to flick the bean as often as they can. It’s shown that masturbation raises the level of oestrogen in your body, leading to keeping the skin youthful by preventing a decrease in collagen. Furthermore, research conducted in the ’90s has shown that women who had three orgasms a week looked 10 years younger than those who had two! Ladies, we’ve found the holy grail, and it’s where life begins: the vagina.

Not only does masturbation make us look more youthful and clear our skin (hello new skincare regime!), but it can also help you fall asleep faster. Self-pleasure before bed can lower cortisol levels which helps you to feel calmer, sleep better, and decrease inflammation in the body. And if you need more convincing: overall, it can make you feel happier and more confident thanks to the surge of endorphins and oxytocin!

With that being said, we found two of the hottest clitoral stimulators on the market right now that will have you buzzing into the morning with oodles and oodles of fun, moans, and mind-blowing orgasms your body didn’t know were possible!

Zalo Bess Clitoral Massager With 3 Attachments

What does it do? Bess by Zalo is the *chef’s kiss* top of line best clitoral stimulator on the market. Bess has been designed to offer the most accurate stimulation via Direct Power technology, dual motor, and attachments for multiple experiences and uses.

  1. Slim G-spot attachment is designed to stimulate the G-spot.

  2. Petal-shaped attachment creates teasing and tickling sensation to stimulate nipples or clitoris.

  3. Ball-shaped attachment for straight, point-to-point clitoral stimulation.

What makes it *special*? The packaging and presentation of the actual toy is so stunning you’ll want to put it on display! The Egyptian-themed packaging actually suits the name 'Bess' which comes from Egyptian God Bastet, who is the goddess of the home, domesticity, women's secrets, cats, fertility, and childbirth. She protected the home from evil spirits and disease; especially diseases associated with women. Talk about ultimate female empowerment!

Does it deliver? It does… the multiple attachments make for an experience truly unlike any other toy I’ve seen. It’s a 5-in-1 vibrator AND clitoral stimulator. What more could you ask for? The additional dual-ended motor allows for one end to be inserted vaginally with or without the G-Spot attachment. What's more is the petal-like attachment – it replicates the sensation of oral sex and offers a tingling sensation against the nipples; which can be utilised during foreplay with your partner for an added realm of excitement.

Rating: 10/10 – you can’t go wrong with the chic design and multiple features.

Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

What does it do? You’ve no doubt heard of the highly coveted Womanizer from your girlfriends who rave that it’s the best orgasm they’ve ever had (and they weren’t lying). Womanizer’s revolutionary Pleasure Air Technology encircles your clitoris mimicking the sensation of (the best) oral sex (of your life), with six intensity levels to gradually build sensation.

What makes it *special*? The suction stimulator allows for earth-shattering orgasms, endless pleasure, and effortless climaxes without the numbing sensation that most clitoral stimulators would leave. The intensity is powerful, which is why so many women claim to have multiple mind-blowing orgasms in a matter of minutes with the Womanizer. The waterproof design makes for easy underwater play, with the air-tight seal easier to achieve and the sensation even more intense.

Does it deliver? Trust your girlfriends when they tell you the Womanizer is life-changing. Even if you have a large collection of toys, you’ll find yourself constantly reaching for this one time and time again. You’ll have zero regrets and you’ll more than likely make your partner jealous with the amount of attention you give your Womanizer. If you’ve ever struggled to reach orgasm then give this one a go; you’ll find the sweet spot and levitate into the best climax of your life.

Rating: 10/10 – You’ll have 0 regrets about investing in multiple effortless orgasms within minutes.

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