Bridgette Sulicich: Co-founder of sexual wellness brand Oooh Mood

We sat down with sex-positive brand owner Bridgette where she revealed how a few drunk chats turned into a dream business idea:

Bridgette, co-founder of Oooh Mood
Bridgette, co-founder of Oooh Mood. Image supplied.

When did you realise you had a passion for sex-positive content/awareness? And when/how did Oooh Mood come about?

I’d say in the last two years I’ve become more socially aware of the need for change. I started consuming more content from empowering women like Florence given and the @selfishfeminist account, talked to my girlfriends about it more and started noticing that at 24 years old there was still so much prejudice around the subject and stigma around vibrators and masturbation, which just shouldn’t be the case when I think about how all my male friends were comparing how often they jerked off at 16.

It was actually Giles Coloe (the other co-founder) who had the idea, and we chatted about it a few times. He was so passionate about the space and I said I’d be really keen to be involved in any way I could. He gave me a call in January saying he wanted to go for it and asking if I’d be his partner and since then we haven’t looked back!

Who's on the team?

Giles and I sort everything from content to business plans and the vision for the brand, but we’ve also got two amazing friends (Anmol and Annabelle) who do freelance accounting and illustrations for us respectively.

What is the main purpose and vision for the brand?

Our main vision this year is to get our name out there and to launch our website as well as our first product. We’re trying to give ourselves realistic goals to start off with because Giles and I have a tendency to get carried away! But when we’re more established, the possibilities are endless. I’d love to have a podcast that normalises talking about sex with anyone and everyone, as well as launch workshops with sexologists for useful tips around self love and exploring what you like as an individual.

Oooh Mood
Image supplied.

Who's your target audience and why?

Our target audience is young women between 18 and 35, but eventually I’d love for us to be a brand that caters toward the queer community. I think Oooh Mood being a useful resource for men as well would be really cool.

What are some of the biggest challenges of juggling a side hustle with your day job?

It’s definitely hard to find time, and productive time at that. I’m a pretty busy woman; working full time, AFLA COMMITMENTS three times a week, and bootcamp sessions another three days. I try to squeeze in content design around these times and I read and listen to podcasts A LOT on the train to and from work. Sundays are often a dedicated Oooh Mood day where Giles and I will meet to go over timelines, plans and new ideas.

How do you descibe sex positivity?

Sex positivity to me is just being comfortable enough to have open conversations about sex. Conversations where you can say what you do and don’t like and hear about what someone else does or doesn’t like and there’s no judgement; where it’s as easy as talking about your favourite ice cream flavour.

Do you have any stories about the lead up to the brand's launch?

Honestly, the first few times Giles talked to me about Oooh Mood we were both seriously drunk! It wasn’t until we had the same drink conversation about four times that he thought hmm, this girl might actually be interested when she’s sober too. There was also the time when we got our first round of sample products and Giles was giving me half after work on a Friday so he literally had a box full of vibrators in his bag at work all day and it looked like we were genuinely doing some sort of drug deal when I picked them up!

Oooh Mood
Brand logo. Image supplied.

If Oooh Mood was a ____ it would be a _____:

A flower: Orchids, because we’re approachable, strong, confident and undeniably beautiful.

A TV show: Parks and Recreation because, like Leslie Knope, we have the best intentions and so many ideas and I have no doubt we’ll succeed; but that doesn’t mean there won’t be shenanigans along the way!

An iconic woman: Cleopatra – she was a badass (especially for her time) and she knew exactly what she wanted while being undeniably confident in her femininity.

A colour: Light blue. It’s such a tranquil colour and it really puts you at ease; it’s not in your face but is always there for you when you need it – and it’s for everyone.

A dessert: Chocolate lava cake – rich and oozing with sexy deliciousness! It maintains its shape, but when you get to the middle it’s all gooey goodness that’s warm and inviting.

A song: Can't Get You Out Of My Head by Kylie Minogue – it’s such a bop and an absolute classic. The white bodysuit in the music video is absolutely iconic and it’s so confident.

A cocktail: A spicy margarita – so yummy and bold. We’re not afraid to take on the hard topics, but always in a way that makes you feel good. Plus, we all know how tequila hits!