Industry Expert Bryce Alexander McIntosh Launches NATIONAL FASHION COLLEGE

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

We sat down with Bryce Alexander McIntosh to chat about all things fashion, communications and education, as well as the exciting news of his new fashion college that opened its door just this month!

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Q: Can you please share with us a bio and a background of your career to date?

A: I actually fell into fashion at the age of 13 when I was scouted to become a model! I attended an open casting for an international film production being shot in my hometown, and the casting directors had another vision for me.

Years of working with a number of huge brands (including a stint in NYC), I was nearing the end of the HSC struggling to work out what I wanted to do. I envisioned myself getting into teaching and was signed into a course at uni, however through my network of friends it was suggested that I try the ropes of Fashion PR; and through the power and experience of Internships, I was offered my first publicist role at 18!

I worked for one of Australia’s top agencies and managed their fashion accounts, including the launches of TOPSHOP and ZARA into the Australian economy. Pretty overwhelming at 18, but the support from my director (who I still call a friend and mentor to this day!) gave me the push and confidence that I needed. I couldn’t suggest a career in PR more highly for someone wanting to get into the fashion world, as it helps build your network so quickly. You are literally in the midst of working with the top photographers, media, stylists, models, talent and creatives!

Q: You worked in education for almost 10 years! What made you interested in a role like this to begin with?

A: Funnily enough, this was another role I fell into! I had this incredible background of communications and wanted to explore another pathway, given I was still so young.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and when this opportunity came to light, I felt it had to be based on the fact that I considered studying to be a teacher back when I was leaving high school.

Working in education was where I really found my niche, as it not only allowed me to support this incredible industry but also watch the careers of young students blossom through my relationships.

I’m always about the student experience and ensuring that my students are at the forefront of the industry, and in my first year in education, I took a group of my top students abroad to NYC to partake in New York Fashion Week, offering students the opportunity to gain international exposure. I’ve been absolutely honoured to mentor thousands of students over the years, most of which are now working in the industry!

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Q: Tell us about your new revolutionary fashion college and the vision behind it!

A: NATIONAL FASHION COLLEGE was formed from the idea that there is more to education than just studying and being exposed to a new world. It’s about creating a community where students can find themselves. Based on the conversations I have had over the years, leaving high school is an incredibly confusing time of your life, as you’ve been in this school system from the age of 6 and have had little chance to explore and work out what you want to do in life. NATIONAL FASHION COLLEGE offers students that opportunity, to find what it is within fashion and undertake study and experience through the hundreds (almost thousands) of contacts and industry experience myself and my team have to offer.

What’s in your mind VS reality are two very different things; it’s important to me that my students have the power to explore as many industries as their heart desires. Whether my students want to be stylists, work in magazines, or want to be a fashion buyer, we have a course that explores it all, as well as a reputable internship program that allows students the opportunity to translate their in-class learnings into the real-life working world.

Q: Why is there a need to change the student experience?

A: We live in a very fast-paced, ever-evolving world where students need to be studying relevant and updated course materials, as well as gaining first-hand experience from the moment they commence a course. The problem with traditional vocational education is that often the course materials are out-dated and taught by lecturers who worked in the industry many years ago. To me, that’s not sufficient enough for the industry we work in.

All classes taught at NATIONAL FASHION COLLEGE are delivered by current industry experts, and course materials are updated every single year to ensure students are at the very forefront of important trends in the fashion world.

Q: Can you share with us a bit about the course outline and how classes will be set up?

A: NATIONAL FASHION COLLEGE offers one course that is unique to us, meaning it cannot be studied anywhere else. Consider it a real-life learning experience, filled with practical in-class experiences.

The course itself is broken down into four 10-week terms across one year. Very similar to the school system, however each week students only study a half day, in an intensive environment of no more than 30 students. This provides students the opportunity to maintain their busy schedules of employment and personal life, as well as the chance to partake in the countless opportunities we have to offer.

All students will also have the chance to attend our weekly ‘In Conversation’ Series, where we invite a very special guest in for the students to network with. The more industry contacts my students have, the more benefits they will reap in future!

Q: Who will be the trainers and special guests, and what will the teaching style be like?

All trainers and special guests are current industry experts, and they are all recruited on the basis that they have 10+ years of industry exposure as well as have the personable attitude to train the next generation of the fashion industry. We have some huge names already confirmed.

In terms of the teaching style for our students, expect a relaxed, dynamic and engaging experience. This is NOT your traditional learning experience. You will be counting down the days until your next class!

Enrolments are now open for our 2022 intakes! The course can be studied on-campus or online.

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