Editor's letter

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

This issue, we highlight positivity. We celebrate life and hope you feel slightly optimistic after reading this season’s content. With the very recent second outbreak happening in Sydney, it can feel difficult to have hope and resilience with such fear and uncertainty all around us. But we have to remember, even if we aren’t all in this together (well, we actually are) we have support from all other states and cities who've been through some of the toughest lockdowns during the year.

In issue 4, we delve into an array of health and wellbeing stories (plant-based food for dummies is a must-read), with our usual comic strip corner ‘soul boners’ illustrating the simplest of heart-warming moments like drinking tea in bed on a rainy day or getting a notification from the guy you’re seeing. We also focus on how to prioritise our mental health this season with one of our lifestyle writers sharing their own personal experiences with anxiety.

We have a gift-guide in our beauty section showcasing a large number of brands and experiences to gift this holiday season, as well as a review for Malia Hair – a new hair mask brand that is to die for.

In our sex and dating section, Dr. Raewyn returns to answer all our questions surrounding periods. There’s also a piece that is one of my favourites in the whole issue: ‘Why do men see escorts?’ Slow Love podcast host, Lisa Portolan, who wrote this article successfully attempts to demystify the sex industry and shares her conversations with Samantha X and one of Samantha’s clients. Very juicy content.

Once again, we have our roundup of food and cocktail reviews in our wining and dining section, as well as the ultimate Christmas ham recipe to recreate at home this Chrissy. Following that, we profile our chef of the season – Hayden Quinn – who speaks about his food philosophy and favourite summer flavours.

In our beloved boss babe section, we profile PR guru Sophie Muir (Maven PR), the founder of Boracay Skin, and our artist of the season. The wickedly talented Emily Ingram designed this season’s cover. We absolutely loved our collaboration with her and we’re incredibly happy with the final result. We also take a look at the male gaze and what it means to be a ‘cool girl’ – another must-read, in my opinion!

Stay safe Sydney-siders (and the rest of you) during the silly season! We’ll get through this. Have a beautiful Christmas and a very happy new year – I know we all can’t wait for that!