editor's letter: issue #6

Welcome to our winter issue: The Sweet Revenge Edition. My vision for this season's content revolves around the voices of women (think: #MeToo, destigmatising sex, unapologetically appreciating soul food). This isn't bitter content; it isn't aggressive or hurtful. This is to shine a light on our perspectives, our philosophies, our dissatisfactions, our commonalities; and together find – and ultimately embrace – the light at the end of the tunnel.

Claudia Siron editor-in-chief bubble. magazine
Claudia Siron

In this season's health & wellbeing pillar, we share our wholesome conversations with renowned nutritionist Susie Burrell, who highlights the mythconceptions of the ugly, rumoured traits of our worst nemesis: chocolate; and how to effortlessly incorporate it into our diets without shame. In this case, we are supporting the good old phrase: "keep your enemies closer".

In our beauty section, we celebrate a new brand that aims to disrupt the santiser industry through innovation and design, as well as with the desire to create a safe product that becomes part of our every day beauty regime, much like the way we use perfume. One of our fan-favourites from the range is their delicious-scented Sweet Spot sanitiser with its spicy tones and sugary aromas; it's a sensual fusion of Glasshouse candle meets a wintery evening at the Christmas Markets in Munich and will have you dreaming of sticky chai latte and shortbread biscuits!

Our forever juicy sex & dating pillar is once again packed with quality content, this time inspired by our latest theme. We ask you questions that will have you second-guessing very common, and perhaps once trivial, moments and elements of our sex lives. Is “that’s so vanilla” the new “you’re such a prude”? Does an under seven-hour slumber impact your sex life? Do you feel ready yet to have a child? (And do you want to have children at all?) We also reveal 2021's updated glossary of cheating terms thanks to dating site Ashely Madison's annual discreet dictionary that continues to define the current state of affairs.

I'm thrilled to announce we've brought back our travel section this season – a place where you can lose yourself in wanderlust, hope and desire for something outside of your everyday bubble. We've complied a list of quirky caravans that are perfect for road-tripping around New Zealand (unofficially the best way to explore the island). We also have this year's hottest hotels around Australia to inspire your next getaway, as well as our first accommodation review (The White Place in Orange, NSW). The best way to get revenge with Covid is to cherish the unexpected beauty of our own backyard.

Our wining and dining pillar features reviews for a beautiful bottomless brunch, incredible Italian eateries, and a unique breakfast joint that's Korean-inspired (think: buttermilk hot cakes, smashed avo with white kimchi, and omelets with Korean caviar). We also share the exciting news of Sarah Jessica Parker's latest wines being released in Australia. We sat down with her co-winemakers from Invivo (a NZ-based wine company) who reveal what it's like working alongside the iconic Sex and the City star and the stories behind the creation of their new SJP Rose and Sav Blanc.

And finally, our boss babe section (which will be officially renamed to 'boss' from September issue onwards) highlights inspiring stories from women in the world of business. We spoke with the co-founder of Oooh Mood, a new sexual wellness brand; an Australian film director and producer who shares her story of an abusive love affair with a determinedly private Hollywood A-lister; and the three birds behind Three Birds Renovations who reveal details of their latest home project.

This season (and beyond) we are supporting disruption, risk-taking, and fighting for what is right. Don't get mad, get even!

Claudia X