Editor's Letter: Issue #7

Welcome to our spring issue – a collection of stories with sprinkles of optimism for those who are enduring yet another lockdown. With hospitality venues closed, hair salons shut, and interstate travel on hold, it can often feel like an incredibly frustrating period of time. In this issue, we hope to illustrate some of the silver linings – even if they're just small – to show there can be promise during life's longest 'pause'.


Our health and wellbeing pillar sports an array of food-inspired stories: a deep analysis into our relationships with food as well as nutrition-rich recipes to boost our energy levels whilst tackling the pandemic at home. We also look into spatial audio and its impact on our wellbeing with its thrilling ability to transport us to another world where sound is multidimensional and ultimately provides a unique sensory experience; how music can truly spark memories, emotions and vulnerability.

In our beauty section this season, we focus more on skin health and care rather than makeovers, trends and tips. One of our newest writers decodes the scientific jargon found on the labels of our skincare products, unpacking their benefits (or lack thereof) and deciphering what's good and what's evil. We also reviewed hair studio Marc & Maxwell – a tree-house like oasis situated in Sydney's Surry Hills sporting urban-chic interiors and a wickedly talented team of artists who perform hair miracles like no other.

Our sex and dating pillar delves into single life in lockdown; how to spruce up your spring fling through creative virtual activities in the attempt to get to know someone as well as you can without physically being with them. It's a tough time for singles to meet new people or increase the momentum of their current dating situation, so we highly recommend our diverse list of unconventional date-night ideas. On a whole other note, our trusted sexual health columnist Dr. Raewyn Teirney returns this season to delve into polycystic ovary syndrome in light of PCOS awareness month, exploring the symptoms and how to go about it if you've been diagnosed.

In our wining and dining section, we unfortunately had to cull our much-loved bar and restaurant reviews due to the current climate (we hope to review venues in the next issue!), and opted for more relevant stories involving simple, healthy recipes (by a non-chef) to cure your lockdown blues, as well as created a travel vision board of NZ and where to visit there in the near future based on your go-to lockdown tipple.

And finally, our boss babe pillar (which has now been changed to 'boss') again features an array of talented women who are killing it in their fields. We interview international celebrity chef Sarah Todd who is well known for her TV appearance on MasterChef Australia; the founder of natural and vegan skincare brand Tailor Skincare and her personal story of dealing with adult acne (which ultimately sparked her aspiration for creating the brand); and the Head Designer of Australian fashion label Husk and its spring 2021 collection 'Alchemy' that was inspired by a desired optimism in the ever-changing times that we are living in.

We hope you enjoy our smaller and rather wholesome issue this season, and find a little something that's for you.

Claudia X