Energy work: Why it's required to thrive as an entrepreneur in 2021

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

How do you develop a deeper connection to take your energy more seriously to use it in a greater capacity within your entrepreneurial lifestyle? Marketing guru Dimity Edwards has the answer!

First things first, I am not an energy healer, I’m an entrepreneur. However I have worked with some of the most incredible teachers who help me recalibrate so that I feel like I am being 'clicked' back into my most vibrant self.

Our body has multiple systems. Energy work can be complex, but putting it simply, it is a way for our bodies to connect, feel more grounded, liberate more creativity and align our subconscious thoughts to the conscious.

Energy work looks different to every single person. It’s important to know that just because some influencer on Instagram is preaching to wake up and mediate for 90 minutes before you start your day to thrive, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this method of energy work is the right fit for you.

As with anything, energy work as an entrepreneur starts with trial and error. Different modalities will work better for your individual systems.

One of the reasons I started understanding energy as an entrepreneur is because I was feeling like I was only operating at 30% capacity of what I was fully capable of producing. I felt like I could give more but there was something physically blocking me to show up in my authentic self.

However, over the past five years I’ve learnt that every experience and every moment is an opportunity for reflection and growth; commit to wellbeing and keep it simple, compassionate, and kind.

You have probably asked yourself at least once in your life “what are my special gifts?”... and I’m not talking about gifts as in floating or telepathy, but you have potentially wondered how you can access more of what makes you unique.

The more I started taking my energy work seriously, the clearer my 'gifts' started to naturally come to surface. I had to do the work by being authentically compassionate towards myself.

Energy work can look extremely 'Instagramable' with crystals, sound bowls and incense, however the reality of it as an entrepreneur means that you have to do the work on self reflection.

A few practices I have adopted that have helped clear the fogginess and allow effortlessness started with journaling.

Journaling is a great starting place for anyone that would like to step into energy work. It's a daily practice of thoughts onto paper and questioning old patterns. Being with ones' self can be extremely eye opening for anyone starting out, so don’t add too much pressure on solving all world problems on day one. Just be open.

Energy is a universal life force that requires self reflection and is available to all. By practicing energy work, it can assist you as an entrepreneur to focus, feel productive and also bring about extreme creativity you never thought was possible.

As 2021 rolls in, energy work will become more important. The need to slow down, pause and breathe. New awareness is something most modern business people skip past because they are 'too busy'. However, this small shift in state to awareness of breathing and opening thoughts allows you to feel and experience energy and ultimately has a ripple effect.

You are loved.

You are cared for.

You are intelligent, wild and fun.

To continue learning more about energy and entrepreneurship, feel free to chat with me via Instagram (@dimity.edwards).