Fancy Lash: The Potts Point studio that gets it right, every time

Although lash extensions are currently a fantasy for those enduring yet another lockdown, it’s something many of us are considering once restrictions ease – along with hair appointments and a trip to the nail salon.

Fancy Lash
Fancy Lash. Image supplied.

Something we’ve collectively learned even before lockdown is the heavy-handed makeup trend has been replaced with the barely-there look, healthy glowing skin and a minimalistic approach (and thank God for that).

Prior to Covid’s latest achievement in robbing our social lives and beauty services, I booked myself in for lash extensions at Fancy Lash located in Potts Point, Sydney. The gorgeous pink and pearl-themed studio has been seen to look after the lashes of PR Guru Roxy Jacenko, as well as the likes of MAFS star Melissa Lucarelli and other notable faces from social media.

Fancy Lash
Image supplied.

Every time I visit a lash studio, I ask for a subtle enhancement; a more natural look. Yet, I repeatedly receive a dramatised, show-girl aesthetic that really doesn’t match my personal style. However, my lash wishes (finally) came true when I met with the lash technician at Fancy Lash. For the first time, I wasn’t just asked what I wanted, I was told. I was educated on what type of lashes would suit the frame of my face, my features and my style. Although I had a say in what I wanted, it turns out I’ve been accidentally briefing lash technicians incorrectly for the past three years and asking for something more bold and dramatic than what I truly desired.

I instantaneously fell in love with my subtle cat-eye shaped lashes. That evening I had a dinner and comedy show with my best friend for her birthday and I felt so confident and so myself. And I can’t wait to retain that same feeling post-lockdown when I come in again for lashes extensions.

Fancy Lash Claudia Siron
Claudia Siron with Fancy Lash's lash extensions

I spoke with Kathy Duong of Fancy Lash to find out more advice for women (like my friends, who are constantly disappointed with their lash treatments) on how to achieve the lash-look they truly want:

Q: Why are extensions better than mascara?

A: Lash extensions are great for a woman who is busy, because aside from routine appointments, they are fairly low maintenance. If you are travelling, or your mornings are a mad rush to get ready for work or getting kids ready for school, you don’t have time to always apply mascara and eyeliner. Eyelash extensions mean the hard work is done for you in just one relaxing appointment a month! Think of your eyelash extensions as simply an enhancement of your natural lashes: like you are wearing a very good mascara that doesn't smudge, smear or come off when you wash your face.

Q: What's your advice for women who are wanting to achieve the lash-look they want?

A: The most popular extensions are certainly a nod to the "make under". Women tend to opt for the Classic Nature Style. Classic eyelash extensions are a simple, beautiful, natural-looking lash style. They are applied on a 1:1 ratio, which means one extension is attached to one natural lash. This gives you a natural looking lash. Classic eyelash application usually takes around 1 to 1.5 hours, and the results should be soft, natural-looking lashes. They will not add as much in the way of volume, as they will in length. These lashes will always look more natural as they are designed to mimic the way your natural lashes look – the fullness that can be achieved depends a lot on how many natural lashes you have.

Fancy Lash
Fancy Lash. Image supplied.

Q: What makes Fancy Lash different from other salons?


  • Our extensions last up to 9 weeks, saving their clients important time and money (keep in mind, at most places lashes may last only 3 – 5 weeks).

  • We take the time to fill approximately 90% of the client’s lash rather than 70-80%.

  • Our lash material has a special cut (a diamond cut) so it improves lash retention by a massive 30%.

  • We have a unique technique for applying lashes to maximise the retention rate.

You can book your post-lockdown lash appointment via Fancy Lash’s website, and follow their Instagram for their latest updates.