A Guide To Sprucing Up Your Lockdown Spring Fling

“Here we go again”, said the nation collectively as basically every state and territory went back into lockdown as of July 2021. The Delta variant and its implications caught us off guard like a wave at the beach… which is a depressing metaphor because I haven’t been to the beach since lord knows when.

Nevertheless, for us singletons we must not let lockdowns ruin our chances of meeting new people. Our mental health depends on it! Human connection – even if it is virtual – is crucial, and we cannot just see this lockdown as a barrier that is stopping us from taking part in the age-old tradition of entering a spring fling.

Online dating

Psychology Today, the world’s largest mental health and behavioural science publication, reported that “lack of social connection is a greater detriment to health than obesity, smoking, and high blood pressure”; so, if you want to live, I suggest you try these alternatives to making your spring fling work in 2021.

We have compiled a list of five substitutes to conventional date ideas for all your Tinder, Hinge, Bumble and Grindr matches.

Online Movie Dates

One of the most staple date ideas is of course a movie night; just because cinemas aren’t open and you can’t have someone over to snuggle with on the couch, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a movie date.

There is no better way to get closer to someone than having a laugh together over a good comedy, or maybe getting scared together while you enjoy a frightening horror film.

I recommend Scener for your virtual movie night. My current spring fling and I use Scener almost every night, and it really does help that there is a video feature, allowing us to see each other and talk to one another while the movie plays.

Zoom Drinks With A Twist

I know what you are thinking – there is nothing new or special about Zoom drinks. But how about Zoom drinks where you and your possible significant other are also the bartenders?

Zoom drinks don't have to be limited to just plain vodka cranberries and a chat. Go online and find some recipes that require more than one part alcohol and one part mixer. Be wild and make the drinks you wish bartenders made for you, and when you’re done, the two of you can sit back and enjoy each other’s virtual company over drinks you created, and/or invented.


Virtual Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have been given a virtual makeover during lockdowns, so why not take part in a virtual escape room and really get to know your spring fling in this problem-solving date idea.

Virtual escape rooms utilise a point and click interface for users to find clues and make their way out of the cleverly crafted virtual escape rooms.

I would recommend Virtual Escaping for your virtual escape room date. They offer great prices and have a wide variety of escape room options, as well as integrate video chat for you and your potential partner.

Online Classes

Online classes have absolutely blown-up during lockdown, so take advantage of the opportunity to connect with someone and learn a new skill. Classes are not just limited to paint and sips, no matter what your Instagram feed tells you.

We recommend ClassBento; they offer online classes in art, cooking, pottery, beauty, and more. No matter what class you pick, don’t forget your study juice (i.e. a glass of sauvignon blanc or rosé) so you and your spring fling can loosen up.

Online gaming

To clarify, I am not suggesting you and your spring fling purchase Call of Duty and start your own gamer clan online – however if that’s your thing, then go for it! When I say online gaming, I literally mean think of any board game or card game and I promise you that you will find a website or app that offers an online version of that game. Cards Against Humanity has an app; Monopoly has a browser version. Any game you have played in person, there is bound to be a version online, so start searching.

Online dating

Dating is a part of life, and we hope that entering one this season is still an empowering experience; it’s just all about adapting. Happy swiping!