Hair review: EdwardsAndCo

From long, dull, Hermione-like hair to a vibrant, healthy chop.

I’ve had long hair my whole life. And although I’ve received a vast array of amiable compliments over the years, it felt like time for a change. The long, luscious locks had inevitably become dull, boring and lifeless.

I’ve been comically fantasising a movie-like scene where I’m walking down the street in slow motion to a sick beat, sporting a jet black bob, designer sunglasses and a Devil Wears Prada inspired coat – or some major big-dick-energy power suit. As cringe-worthy as it sounds, that was the imagination swimming around my mind for weeks before the big chop.

However, knowing me, that bob cut will have to come gradually. It’s a huge transformation. So instead, I’d opt for a healthier, slightly darker medium cut with texture and soft layers. Something fresh and vibrant, beaming with character and confidence. A visual representation of my soul (or how I’d like my soul to be perceived, anyway!).

With eight salons located across Australia, EdwardsAndCo is the nation’s leading hair agency, also garnering a cult international following. Housing the country’s most talented and refined hairstylists and makeup artists, they’ve become a well-known brand within the industry for transforming looks.

Famous for their lived-in blondes, vibrant brunettes and effortless beach waves, the brand has over time developed a signature look – something that can be found all over Instagram.

I’ve seen countless social media posts over the last couple of years with influencers flaunting their new luscious do’s – and with what seems to be genuine contentment. And the positive reviews I’ve heard from girlfriends over brunch or cocktails about their recent trip to one of the EdwardsAndCo salons was just another reason to put my trust in their hands.

Stepping into the Surry Hills salon on Crown Street, I marvelled the chic warehouse space boasting bright interiors of wall art and raw, minimal design. It felt edgy and exciting. The social atmosphere filled with fast paced hair stylists tending to their large client base was like a scene from a movie – something very New York City about it.

Image supplied.

My cut and colour was done by the talented emerging colourist, Noah Hill, who’s worked with the brand for the past two and a half years. He revealed that when he was 16 he started his first apprenticeship in a little salon in the central coast. “A girl I worked with there – who left not long after I started – came to work at EdwardsAndCo. I decided after a bit of time to actually apply here myself, and then I managed to get a job interview; and although I had two other job interviews in the same week, I fell in love with this place and knew there was nowhere else I wanted to be,” he said.

A few weeks after Noah began at EdwardsAndCo, Jaye Edwards (the owner) asked him to assist Slim Color (an American colourist) who flew over to Australia to work for the brand. “I assisted her for around four months. I was by her side everyday watching her techniques. I then assisted Michael Kelly at our Alexandria location for about six months. And again, I was watching and learning. It was an amazing experience. People pay so much money to watch and learn from him and I got to be by his side every day watching step by step. Afterwards, I was a general assistant for a while and then I got to be Jaye’s assistant – which was amazing. I feel like I’ve learned so much here and in just a few short years. There’s been a lot of opportunities.”

After a few hours of warm conversation (and of course, colouring and cutting), voila! I was transformed. Noah had not only met my expectations for shorter, bouncier hair, but exceeded them. Giving me a positive identity change (and keeping the best parts of what I already had) Noah coloured my hair three shades darker (while still obtaining the warmth to keep the chocolate tones) and chopped off seven inches. He added texture and soft, effortless layers, as well as adding nice framing around the face.

Image by Noah Hill.

Noah exclaimed his thoughts on hair for this season, saying many will want to go darker – which is something they’re already seeing happen. “Blonde hair has been such a thing for so many years and a lot of girls don’t really want that bright, summery blonde hair in winter. We’re also seeing more solid bob cuts; people are definitely wanting to go shorter. They’re getting their extensions out and asking for big hair chops and going a few shades darker – people are craving change. Even pixie cuts and mullets are super in at the moment. You’ll walk past dozens of people in Surry Hills with a mullet. I don’t know how soon that’s going to die out, but I’m all about it!”

Beyond pleased with not just my results, but the high level of attention, detail and care, I highly recommend your next hair transformation to be at EdwardsAndCo – whatever your hair dreams may be.