Hair review: My attempt at creating effortless mermaid waves with the Wave by Base wave wand

Hair wavers have become all the rave these days. Luscious mermaid locks are the new must-have hair trend of 2021 with a vast array of all of our favourite celebrities rocking the look.

Base Hair Tool via Base Hair Extensions.

I know I’m late to join the trend of trying out hair wavers. They remind me of the '90s beauty movement when girls would crimp their hair and add embellishments like beads and glitter! I grew up with naturally thick, wavy hair so to me the idea of waving it immediately had made me feel quite hesitant. I knew my hair had Hermione Granger tendencies, and I wasn’t wrong! I honestly didn’t love how my hair turned out with my first attempt with the Wave by Base wave wand – a product by Base Hair Extensions.

What I learned straight off the bat is less is definitely more. Initially, I sectioned my hair into small fragmented pieces (like I would when curling or straightening my hair), and when I tell you I looked like a '90s girl straight out of a Dolly Magazine… all I had to do was add the beads and glitter! So yeah, my first experience was kind of a disaster. I hated the way my hair looked and I had to run out for a meeting. I just thought that the girls in the meeting would look at me and think what has this girl done to her hair?. Princess Mia Thermopolis (pre-makeover) had nothing on my hairdo!

Nonetheless, I decided to give it another go the next day and try with bigger chunks of hair. The smaller barrel shaft makes your waves tight and precise if you’re going for the Amanda Seyfried in Mamma Mia vibes. That beachy, natural wave look is exactly what you’ll get with the smaller barrel.

My naturally wavy hair.

The Wave by Base wave wand is one of the many hair tools on the market designed to create boho or mermaid waves that actually last all day. The wand features a triple ceramic coated barrel and adjustable temperature of 80-220°C that works on all hair types; and tourmaline ceramic technology which releases large amounts of negative ions, ultimately reducing damage and making your hair healthier with long-lasting waves.

For a girl with naturally thick, wavy hair, I’m constantly looking for hair tools and techniques to tame my mane, so the idea of glossy, slicked-back ‘Kardashian’ waves really appealed to me. The waving technique was a little bit tricky to master at first, and it will definitely take a few tries to really get the hang of holding the clunky tool.

I tried a hair waver and my results were questionable...

Kim Kardashian pic via @chrisappleton1

Maybe I haven’t quite yet mastered the hair waver just yet but I do think if you’re looking for those more glamorous, Hollywood waves then you should go with a waver that has bigger barrels to suit the look you’re going for. I really like that The Wave by Base wave wand gives that natural beachy look which is perfect for everyday Aussie girls on the run. It’s so quick and easy to achieve this look and effortlessly compliments anyone who has naturally straight or thinner hair.

I’ll continue working on my hair waver journey and see where it leads me because right now the waves I’ve created on myself leave me feeling like "Weird Al" Yankovic, and that’s not the glamorous look I’m going for – sorry Al!