Invivo X, SJP wines: the award-winning drops now available in Australia

Updated: Jun 18

“Combine New York sass, the world’s best wine regions and New Zealand winemaking know-how and you’ve got a recipe for something very special.”

Invivo SJP
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Following the phenomenal global success of the now sold-out first vintage (2019) of Invivo X, SJP Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, the new 2020 vintage is now available in Australia for the first time and has just been awarded a 90-point rating by Wine Spectator for a second year in a row.

Also available to purchase for the first time in Australia, is a premium French Rosé in the Invivo X, SJP Wine Collection. Coming from the South of France, this delicious drop has been crafted in partnership with a family estate from Provence, SJP, and the Invivo team.

Invivo & co Sarah Jessica Parker
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Industry leaders have this year predicted a subtle movement to softer style wines, in flavour and finish, which includes the evolving Rosé market. Perhaps due to lack of travel and lust for alternate tastes, consumers are much more considered in their decision making to find the perfect drop.

We spoke to Tim Lightbourne, co-founder of New Zealand wine company Invivo & Co, about their collaboration with Sarah Jessica Parker, details of the new Invivo X, SJP wines, and news of the brand’s wines being stocked in Australia.

Can you tell us about why and how you (and your co-founder, Rob) got into the wine space?

Invivo & Co’s story began when I caught up with an old school mate Rob in a bar in London to talk wine and discuss how to make it better and how to cut through the fluff that the traditional wine companies seem to love so much. We had always believed in the power of a strong brand, so we decided then and there to build a business that let us create one, and have fun along the way.

By focusing on the customers’ needs, innovation and bold marketing, we have managed to grow the business rapidly. In 2015 Invivo became New Zealand’s first equity crowdfunded wine company. After a second successful equity crowdfunding campaign in 2018, Invivo & Co is now one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest crowdfunded companies and we have more than 600 Kiwi shareholders!

Invivo & co Sarah Jessica Parker rose
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What is your vision for/purpose of Invivo and SendnSip?

We have a large fan base in Australia who love both Graham Norton’s Own Wine and Spirits and Sarah Jessica Parker. Although some of our wines have been stocked in various retail outlets in Australia, we wanted to make our growing range and new vintages easily accessible to the whole of Australia. We receive requests daily from customers across states looking to purchase Graham Norton’s wines and to try the Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker collection of wines.

With the growth in direct-to-consumer e-commerce platforms over the pandemic, and our tendency to look towards innovation, we wanted to create a platform where Australians could access our wines easily, so was born.

How was it collaborating with SJP? And why was she the perfect person to partner with?

Sarah Jessica Parker has been the ideal partner for Rob and me to collaborate with as she is so hands on and a very creative and passionate person. She has been closely involved in all parts of creating the wine, from hand painting the ‘X’ you see on the label to personally blending each new vintage of the wines with us. During the past year – when we would usually travel to NYC to spend time with Sarah Jessica – we have even blended our wines together virtually and Sarah Jessica has even jumped on Zoom tastings and calls with us and buyers. It’s growing into a fantastic partnership and we are so happy to be working together.

Invivo & co Sarah Jessica Parker
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How would you describe the collection, and the tasting notes for each of the two SJP wines?

The Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) collection has two wines: a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and a Rosé from the South of France.

The Invivo X, SJP Sauvignon Blanc has an intensely aromatic nose – this is a delicious medley of ripe citrus, tropical fruit and a hint of something savoury. The striking palate immediately fills the mouth and finds a crisp finish to a long and balanced interplay of fruit and acidity.

Whereas the Invivo X, SJP Rosé is very Provincial in style – it has a gorgeous shade of blush pink in the glass, the aroma profile invokes clear rose petals and bright summer berry characters, wrapped in a minerality that makes this wine exceptionally fresh and dry in style.

Do you have a personal favourite from the range?

It would have to be Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker’s Rosé – it’s an incredibly versatile and food-friendly wine, plus it’s deliciously refreshing! I also love our Graham Norton’s Own Pink Gin made in collaboration with our gin producer partners in West Cork, Ireland (Graham’s hometown). It’s dry in style with some beautifully balanced botanicals and has such a subtle pink colour that represents the style of gin that Graham likes to make – and drink. It’s quite different to a lot of bright, full pink gins on the market that can often taste quite sweet. I love pairing it with decent tonic – like Fever-Tree – and ice just for a refreshing drink just before dinner!

Has the collection been restocked in Australia? What was the motivation behind this?

All of our Invivo X, SJP wines and selected Graham Norton’s Own Wine and Spirits range and Invivo wines are now available on our new online store It’s the first time that Invivo X, SJP Rosé and Graham Norton’s Own Gin range and our new Rosé Prosecco from Italy are available in Australia so we’re very excited, and are already getting great feedback from customers.

Invivo & co Sarah Jessica Parker
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Any exciting stats to share regarding sales/business around the Invivo X, SJP wines?

A highlight for us is just having been awarded a 90-point rating for Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker Sauvignon Blanc for our 2020 vintage. It’s our second vintage in a row to score 90 points, and our 2019 vintage was included in Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of 2020. It means a lot to Rob and our winemaking team, Sarah Jessica and the rest of the Invivo team to be recognised for the quality of the wines. We have been the most awarded celebrity wine partnership over the past five years!

Another accolade we’re extremely proud of is to win ‘Best Launch of the Year’ 2020 by the Drinks Business Awards for the global launch of Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker, who recognises outstanding companies in the drinks industry. We sold out of our annual sales allocation within months of launch, and it really recognised all of the hard work from our teams and distributor partners around the world.


Invivo & co Sarah Jessica Parker
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“An intensely aromatic nose – this is a delicious confluence of ripe citrus, tropical fruit and a hint of something savory. The fruit spectrum is complex and while overwhelmingly ‘Sauvignon Blanc’, the addition of delicate oak adds another dimension. The striking palate immediately fills the mouth and finds a crisp finish to a long and balanced interplay of fruit and acidity. Delicate white wine tannins provide the framework and, combined with an approachable acidity, focuses the palate toward a long and elegant finish.”

bubble. mag’s review: Our editor-in-chief, Claudia, sampled the Sav Blanc whilst on staycation in Bondi. On the crisp, autumn afternoon, she and her old high school girlfriend ‘dressed up’ in their resort dressing gowns, hair towels and sunglasses – embodying the spirit of Carrie Bradshaw pondering away with a glass in hand. It was just the right amount of sass and style to truly embrace the NYC-style Sav created by SJP x Invivo. She and her friend absolutely adored the fusion of citrus and savoury – a unique blend that was truly mastered. They paired the wine with blue cheese and fig & rosemary crackers to maximise the aromatic experience.


Invivo & co Sarah Jessica Parker rose
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“This premium Rosé – the second release in the Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker Wine Collaboration – comes from the South of France and has been crafted in partnership with a family estate from Provence, Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) and Invivo & Co. The final blend was selected by SJP and Invivo over an afternoon of tasting and perfecting.”

bubble. mag’s review: Claudia sampled the Rosé with a friend before their reservation at a French fine dining joint in Potts Point, Sydney. The pale pink wine boasted an elegant fusion of berries and stoned fruit; a fresh and full wine, simplistic by nature yet oozing such sophistication with its vibrant backstory. Claudia suggests pairing the Rosé with a charcuterie board on a warmer afternoon with close girlfriends and intimate conversations.

Visit by Invivo & Co to discover the delicious drops on offer.