Journalist Ortenzia Borre On Her New Book 'Graceful Grit'

Ortenzia Borre is a respected and trusted Australian news presenter, journalist and author. The dual degree broadcaster has a strong background in breaking news, business and politics, having studied a Juris Doctor in addition to a Bachelor of Journalism.

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As well as being a nationwide news presenter with ARN, Australia’s leading radio network, she is also a published author of two books – What Women Need and Graceful Grit, which are sold world-wide.

As one of Australia’s most popular former models, Ortenzia was regularly invited by the country’s leading etiquette and deportment expert, June Dally – Watkins OAM – to guest mentor at her modelling and business finishing schools, which became the foundation of Ortenzia’s books where she provides valuable skills and educational insights to navigate everyday life with grace, intellect and confidence.

Ortenzia has a passion for philanthropy, sitting on The Sydney Children’s Hospital Committee, alongside Australia’s most influential women. She’s also on the The Australian Ballet Ambassadors Foundation Board.

We sat down with Ortenzia to find out more about her colourful career timeline, as well as what her new book entails:

Q: What has been a highlight for you during your time as a journalist/presenter so far?

A: Being able to interview so many incredibly talented and knowledgeable people from different professions and different parts of the world.

Q: Philanthropy appears to be one of the huge aspects of your work – can you tell us about your relationship with Sydney Children's Hospital?

A: With the assistance of an exceptionally hard working and passionate team we aim to raise much needed funds to various facilities and equipment.

Q: What does your new book Graceful Grit entail, and what's the inspiration/vision behind it?

A: After the wonderful response from my first book, What Women Need, I was fortunate to receive incredible gratitude and feedback from women of all ages. They thanked me for helping them rediscover lost inspiration and providing the encouragement they were seeking. Graceful Grit is a culmination of the questions, conversations and answers that I received following the release of What Women Need.

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Q: What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced during your time in the industry so far?

A: As a news journalist, we need to ensure we bring our audience accurate and up to date information on all current affairs across the globe. We are the first point of contact when there is a breaking story and are trusted to share information with the highest of integrity.

Q: Any new plans coming up for you?

A: I'm very excited for the launch of Graceful Grit across Australia and other parts of the world and look forward to celebrating its success.

If you were a ____ you would be a _____:

A flower: Hydrangea. There is a Hydrangea named Ortenzia although spelt a little differently.

A TV show: Anything media related.

An iconic woman: Sophia Loren.

A colour: White.

A dessert: Chocolate.

A song: An inspirational and uplifting ballad.

A cocktail: I love water, so I'm going to simply say water.