Our roundup of the best wines and bubbly for this summer

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

We’ve rounded up our favourite wines and bubbly to enjoy over the silly season!.

Refreshingly Light wines

The Brown Brothers range of Refreshingly Light wines is the ultimate low-alcohol wines to drink for summer picnics.

Perfect for the current and ongoing picnic/outdoor entertaining movement, the Brown Brothers Refreshingly Light range celebrates everything wine lovers know and love about classic white wine styles like Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc; racy Dry Rosé and Australia's favourite sparkling, Prosecco but with a slight twist: they are all low in alcohol. At just 9% alcohol, the fruit-driven varieties are vibrant, zesty and fresh – making summer enjoyment a breeze. Made for mindful drinkers looking to reduce their alcohol intake without sacrificing flavour, the Refreshingly Light styles are best enjoyed chilled in an ice bucket or mixed in a wine cocktail, ready to be served to family and friends.

The wines actually contain less calories per serving (177ml) than their standard counterparts.The Refreshingly Light range retails for $20 per bottle and is available in Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores Australia-wide.

We chatted with winemaker Katherine Brown about the new range.

Compare the wines to the following:

Film: If the Rose was a film, it would be a rom-com, with a palate that makes you want more and a good laugh thrown in!

City: If the Prosecco was a city, it would be Helsinki, as it’s best drunk cold but can also warm up with great company no matter what time of day or night it might be!

An era: If the Sauvignon Blanc was an era, it would be the florals of the late 1960’s, bursting with fun energy, flower blossom and served perfectly with friends at a picnic with someone strumming a guitar.

A person: If the Pinot Grigio was a person, it would be someone who I would like to spend time with. They would be fun loving and up for an adventure but always make sure you are home safe at a respectable time!

What is the best setting for each wine?

Prosecco – to celebrate now, no matter what time of day it is, lunch, dinner or an afternoon with a fiend, these are bubbles to celebrate today.

Pinot Grigio – best served with lunch with a group of old friends, when the conversation and the moment is your focus and the wine can create the perfect backdrop.

Sauvignon Blanc – get beach ready, this wine is perfect for the sunsets by the water. Feet up, relax and enjoy the last light of the day.

Rose – the perfect BBQ wine, nice light flavours but bold enough to stand up to the best grill in town.

What food best compliments each wine?

Prosecco – Kettle’s sea salt chips

Pinot Grigio – chicken sandwiches with the crust cut off; fancy but not too fancy

Sauvignon Blanc – fresh oysters with a hint of lime and a little dash of wine from your glass.

Rose – BBQ salmon fillet with an Asian inspired dressing

What inspired you to create these wines?

We wanted to create wines that kept their great taste that we love but just make them a little bit more “responsible”. At only 9% alcohol you can enjoy these wines and enjoy the rest of the day too.

What was the purpose of this range?

These wines were created for fun in the sunshine with friends, ensuring you can enjoy your favourite wine, just with less alcohol.

Editor’s review:

I sampled the Sav Blanc and Rose, and the white wine was an absolute winner. With it’s light and refreshing taste – sans acidicness, which is a huge bonus – I enjoyed my glass with girlfriends in the garden. It was the cherry on top of a perfect Sunday afternoon, and reflected our moods completely. The rose wasn’t too sweet, which met my personal preference. I really enjoyed drinking this wine with friends on the beach. I think it would’ve been perfect for a weekend BBQ event, so next time there’s one, I’ll definitely have the rose in hand.


The Champagne Bollinger collection includes stunning new La Grande Année 2012. The House of Bollinger has been producing fine wines of Champagne since 1829, the finest bubbles for any Champagne lover this Christmas!

Bollinger La Grande Année 2012

Produced only when the harvest reaches a perfect balance, the recently released Bollinger La Grande Année 2012 is the perfect gift for the Champagne connoisseur, beautifully presented in a wooden gift box.

La Grande Année is the embodiment of the carefully preserved traditional craftsmanship Bollinger is renowned for, with the textured and expressive 2012 vintage being the first release of this impressive prestige cuvée since the sell-out 2008 vintage, one of the greatest in history.

RRP: $250

Stockist: Leading fine wine retailers nationally, Langton’s

Bollinger Rosé NV

Rich and subtle with a velvety texture and notes of red berries, cherry and wild strawberry, Bollinger’s signature rosé is a stunning accompaniment for the warmer months.

RRP: $140

Stockists: Leading retailers nationally, Dan Murphy’s