Q&A With This Season’s Digital Artist, Elizabeth Kastrava

Elizabeth Kastrava is a digital artist who showcases her ambition through the insanely popular social media platform, Instagram.

Elizabeth Kastrava
Image: Instagram (@elizabethkastrava)

Two years ago, she told her husband she absolutely hated her job in the medical field, so he inspired her to just quit and go back to her roots. What makes Liz, Liz. She never really thought her art could be a career, but with his forever reach-for-the-stars attitude and an insatiable hunger for her to follow her passion, it became something bigger than what she ever thought was possible.

Now, selling her beautiful prints online and at the markets, she is undoubtedly flourishing in the digital art space.

Liz has created three bespoke covers for bubble. – each telling a different story. She created the first ever cover; a recreation of an iconic photo of our editor-in-chief, Claudia Siron, at Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar in New York, 2019. The cover was a balanced depiction of cosmopolitan lifestyle, fun experiences, and femininity meets boss-babe energy; and Liz captured the essence of it all in just her second draft.

bubble magazine issue 1
bubble. magazine issue #1

We collaborated again with Liz for our previous issue (#6, winter 2021). Liz told the story of bold women being unapologetically themselves; embracing the bleak winter period with their optimism, confidence, motivation, and hunger for more. We chose to have London as the backdrop – the perfect example of a thriving urban hotspot renowned for its crisp weather and colourful social scene. Again, it was the perfect collaboration.

bubble magazine issue 6
bubble. magazine issue #6

For last season's cover (spring 2021, issue #7), we wanted to take a step back with our style and tone of voice – something more wholesome and natural, yet still attaining the mantra of being unapologetically yourself. With a lot of our readers residing in Australia – namely Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Wollongong – Liz designed something truly unique that speaks on behalf of what many of us are facing during the current climate.

With hair salons, bars, restaurants and gatherings all on hold due to Covid-19, we had a young woman dressed in her favourite, go-to dress with her takeaway cocktail – she’s happy and comfortable; she’s getting by and she’s doing the best she can. With Sydney as the backdrop, this is our most relevant and relatable cover. bubble. magazine was born in Sydney, and so many of our biggest readers and supporters reside here in the city, so it was only fitting. This cover is a love note to all women – whether they reside in Sydney or not – that we will get through this. We are fabulous and incredible, no matter what the situation. Again, Liz captured the soul of this message just beautifully.

bubble magazine issue 7
bubble. magazine issue #7

Now, it's the end of an ear. For bubble.'s last cover, Elizabeth created something so on-brand as well as something truly personal to me. She's illustrated myself on the right, and then on the left is a fusion of my best girlfriends – my beautiful support network. My friends are like my sisters, so this is a tribute to the many hours of listening, reading, praising and devotion they've given me over the years, especially with my baby – bubble. Elizabeth has captured the essence of my version of an exciting lifestyle combined with a Sex and the City aesthetic. It's a representation of determination, contentment, celebration and friendship. My most important and meaningful issue to date. And Elizabeth, again, captured what I hoped for – it was above par to my growing high standard for the work she produces. I have absolutely loved collaborating with Elizabeth over the course of bubble.'s life (it will always be here with us in spirit) – and I can't wait to work on other projects and articles with her in the future. I would be lucky to!

bubble. magazine issue #8

We interviewed Liz last year when she created our first ever cover (autumn, 2021) where she revealed some backstory on her life and her experiences within design. Here is a collection of a few of our favourite responses, tied in with visuals of some of her latest work:

How did you realise you had a thing for digital art?

As a kid I would sit for hours after school drawing on Microsoft Paint... pixel by pixel. I was obsessed with drawing my own comic book and was specifically drawn to the X-men characters. That’s when I learned how to draw people. I would draw Gambit and Rogue on, well, everything!

Elizabeth Kastrava
Image: Instagram (@elizabethkastrava)

How would you describe your style of art?

I actually don’t know... I know it’s a 'thing’ right now to love bohemian-style, but that’s how I was raised. My mother is the epitome of a flower child. She still has her Birkenstocks from the ‘70s and her crocheted hooded robe she wore to her wedding. I’m drawn to that boho style – it’s what I like to illustrate.

Elizabeth Kastrava
Image: Instagram (@elizabethkastrava)

What are your do’s and don’ts for those who want to get started in the digital art space as either a hobby or career?

Just do it. Your process and style will change as you go. Even if you like water colour, oil, sketch, and so on. You can achieve that medium through digital. There are specific brushes that give you all sorts of textures – the possibilities are endless.

Elizabeth Kastrava
Image: Instagram (@elizabethkastrava)

What inspires you? Do you have a favourite artist?

Photographers inspire me! I wish I could say “this drawing is a product of my imagination”, but I can’t. I draw from photos. I don’t enjoy making my illustration look EXACTLY like the photo I’m drawing from, otherwise, I’d just take the photo. But I do love using a photo as inspiration to guide me and then I put my own twist on it. I can’t take pictures. Period. I just don’t have an eye for photography. So, I love collaborating with photographers because they provide me with these beautiful pictures that I can then draw inspiration from.

You can follow Liz on Instagram at @elizabethkastrava for all of her fabulous art updates.