Q&A with the founder of glam NYE-inspired jewellery brand, EllaBelle

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

We sat down with Ella from new jewellery brand EllaBelle about her collection, perfect for some NYE sparkle.

When did EllaBelle come about?

I recently moved back home to Australia from the United Kingdom and whilst dealing with life's uncertainties, I knew it was time to completely immerse myself in what I love. So this year I launched EllaBelle after many years dreaming about it.

From a young age, I’ve loved to dress up and express myself through fashion and accessories and I was always the kid at the party (and even the playground) who was dressed head to toe in accessories because I wanted to sparkle. My love for accessorising has never dulled and I believe when you find the perfect accessory, you feel your confident, most sparkly self, and nothing can stop you.

What is the main purpose of the brand?

EllaBelle is a ‘high fashion fun’ label and each piece is designed to compliment everyone’s own luxurious, individual style – and in the most fun and affordable way. Everything has been designed and selected to be that perfect piece to finish off an everyday outfit, or to bring out the inner glamor goddess within.

What are some of the biggest challenges of owning your own business?

The hours as a founder are a lot longer, that’s for sure! I wouldn’t change it though because I get caught up in the work I’m doing whether it’s sourcing inspiration, designing or making alterations to pieces. I just love being involved in all aspects of my business. This is actually also one of my biggest challenges because it’s easy to budget how much something will cost, but hard to calculate how much energy and time tasks can take. At the end of the day nothing beats the feeling of seeing my jewellery come to life and it gives me a real sense of achievement when I see people laughing, having fun and totally sparkling while wearing EllaBelle.

What is something you've learned about the retail/fashion industry during Covid–19?

I actually think the fashion industry has become more creative. I’ve loved watching the online fashion shows and enjoyed the change of pace the industry has adapted to.

With EllaBelle, I was initially worried about the lack of in-person events, but I realised that actually when you can’t see a complete outfit on your zoom calls, jewellery is one of the best ways to express yourself. Let’s face it, you might not fancy putting your fave dress on for a day in the home office, but a sparkly pair of earrings might be just the thing you need.

What are some of your personal fave pieces?

ArielI love all things art deco and these earrings make me feel like I am about to attend a Gatsby party.

LuciaLucia is one of my favourite pieces perfect for any time, any place. You can wear it day or night and always looks like it’s made for your outfit.

StellaAnother ‘any time, any place’ favourite of mine. This piece finishes every outfit with an effortlessly sparkling look.

Larney – These flowers always brighten up my day.

Who and/or what inspires you?

I’m constantly inspired by the past (I love all things vintage) and present. I have also drawn lots of inspiration from the fashion stores and the pop up stores in the back streets of New York City, there’s just nothing quite like them. Of course, I can’t go past Marilyn Monroe as an iconic fashion and style icon too. She is raw femininity. I love the layers of diamonds and beautiful sparkling dresses. Another thing I admire is how comfortable and confident she looks in every outfit. That is a style I will love forever.

Would you say this jewellery is perfect for NYE?

Definitely! EllaBelle has the best and most sparkly pieces to complement any NYE outfit, no matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re dressing full-glam or want a couple of stunning pieces to complement a casual outfit, we have a range of accessories suitable for both styles. Some of my favourite full-glam gold-wear pieces for NYE are the Mia, Frankie, Serena and Bianca and for silver-wear, I love the Sophia, Samantha and Tina pieces.

Any plans for the brand?

EllaBelle has a range of new pieces coming out early next year which is a very exciting way to kick off 2021. I’m also working on designing and planning the remaining collections for 2021 which I can’t wait to share with everyone. It’s safe to say I’m always on the lookout for inspiration and conjuring new ideas and designs to delight customers and bring sparkle to their day.

If EllaBelle was a ____ it would be a _____:

A flower: Phalaenopsis Orchids -– They are colourful and eye catching and are different from other orchids as they have colour marbled through the petals. EllaBelle too strives to be our unique selves letting our sparkle catch everyone’s eye.

A TV show: Gossip Girl – whilst there is a lot of drama, the show is centred around high fashion fun! And that is what EllaBelle stands for.

An iconic woman: Marilyn Monroe (of course) – She’s feminine, fun, confident and always sparkling.

A colour: Pink – Can you tell from the EllaBelle logo?

A dessert: Strawberries and Cream Victoria Sponge Cake – classic and luxurious. A bite of this gives us the same feeling as more sparkle! It’s food for the soul.

A song: Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper A cocktail: French Martini – it’s a timeless classic with a touch of pink and we feel super vintage and sparkly when drinking them.