Salt & Palm: Glebe’s unmissable, authentic Indonesian eatery

Glebe’s best kept secret, the quaint Indonesian eatery Salt & Palm, is subtly situated in the heart of Sydney’s cherished bohemian scene. The gentle fusion of kind service and a relaxing atmosphere makes the understated restaurant a beautiful locale for a tranquil dinner at the end of a busy week.

We, as diners, often confuse a night of indulgence to always have to be an expensive and theatrical affair with all the bells and whistles – MasterChef-style plates, a celebrity cook, ocean or city views, and a larger-than-life performance by the waitstaff.

As exciting and remarkable as those experiences can be, there’s nothing quite as special as a genuine, toned down dinner at a local eatery sporting authentic culture and food that often tastes better than the flawlessly constructed dishes. And why? Because it feels more real. It feels like home. And that feeling is exactly what guests encounter at Salt & Palm; Glebe’s unmissable Indonesian eating-house.

My guest (Amanda) and I came along to sample some of the dishes and drinks whilst savouring the sunset on the restaurant’s front deck overlooking the quirky surroundings of Glebe.

We first fancied a cocktail from their list of sweet and subtle alcohol-infused aperitifs. Amanda ordered us the passion fruit mojito followed by a couple of glasses of the prosecco – fine, simple choices. The mojito offered a good balance in both flavour and rum, and at the same time not overly sweet. We really enjoyed it, and it was the perfect way to start our calm Sunday evening.

We then ordered a small plate of Indonesian corn fritters seasoned with garlic, spring onion and parsley (or known as ‘Bakwan Jagung’), as well as the chicken and lamb skewers (‘Sate Ayam’ and ‘Sate Kambing’). The chicken was paired with an utterly flavoursome homemade peanut sauce and pickles. The lamb was basted with coriander seeds, onion, cumin, candlenut, and sweet soy.

The sauces were incredibly tasty; the flavours transported me to a time when I was in Bali as a young teenager, obsessing over the vast array of sweet and savoury sauces. The standout (peanut) was lightly sweet with a slight twist on the classic satay recipe, giving it an optimistic edge. The fritters were just as loveable and in such a different way. They were perfectly pan-fried and incredibly well-seasoned. For two ordinary starter choices, these versions were anything but.

For our mains, we shared the ‘Babi Panggang’ (slowly cooked confit pork belly and crispy crackling marinated in Balinese spices and served with Balinese spice paste and Sambal Matah), as well as the ‘Ikan Barramundi’ (pan fried barramundi fillet). The latter was the fan-favourite at our table for two. The pork belly wasn’t out of this world for me, but I really enjoyed the unique flavours found in the paste that accompanied the meat, as it wasn’t something I was too familiar with and offered something new and exciting to the dining experience. If I was to recommend a main, however, I most certainly put forward the light and succulent barramundi.

For dessert *drum roll*: the delicate Indonesian style pancake filled with palm sugar and coconut. The combination of layers, flavour, and construction made it a top favourite of the evening. Tasting somewhat a version of an edible piña colada due to its topical tanginess, it was a relatively refreshing dessert to relish on a cool autumn evening.

Thank you, Salt & Palm, for a relaxed evening filled with delectable food made with tender, love and care.

Salt & Palm is open:

Wednesday (Dinner)

5:00pm - 9:00pm

Thursday (Lunch & Dinner)

12:00pm - 9:00pm

Friday (Lunch & Dinner)

12:00pm - 10:00pm

Saturday (Lunch & Dinner)

12:00pm - 10:00pm

Sunday (Lunch & Dinner)

12:00pm - 9:00pm

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