Q&A With Sara Corleison, CEO Of Cult NZ Beauty Brand Tailor Skincare

Sara Corleison is the CEO and founder of natural and vegan beauty brand Tailor Skincare. Her journey to better skin has been a long one, so we asked her to share her personal story, what makes Tailor Skincare standout in the market, and what new products they’ve launched recently.

Tailor Skincare founder Sara Corleison
Tailor Skincare founder Sara Corleison. Image supplied.

Can you share some background on yourself?

Suffering with acne as a teen, I was prescribed acne medication which destroyed my gut.

I was never warned about the dangers of long-term antibiotic use; the detrimental impact it has on your gut microbiome and ultimately the health of your entire body. Plus, my skin wasn’t fixed (sigh). So, in the years following, I’d spend countless sums of money on skincare hoping for glowing, clear skin – but nothing worked.

Fast forward to 2011, I took my dull, pimply face and unhealthy gut to California and joined a biotech start-up in Grass Valley. I began to question how products are made and the safety of many chemicals used. I was already obsessed with skincare, so I took a deep dive into what makes a great skincare product, how each ingredient functions in a formula, and how to formulate clean, natural, and effective skincare.

I moved back to New Zealand, invested my savings, purchased a cake mixer, a second-hand laptop, and started a business making safe, effective, natural skincare all from my kitchen counter. I was obsessed with myth-busting and discovering the latest results based on natural ingredients, and sharing this knowledge with my growing social media following. Eight beauty awards later, Tailor Skincare has earned its name as an authority on natural skincare, bringing transparency to a secretive industry.

Tailor Skincare founder Sara Corleison
Image supplied.

Today, we have an online community of over 100,000 subscribers and have partnered with some of New Zealand’s largest retailers. We are on a mission to change the face of beauty by creating clean, conscious skincare, always placing customer education and product efficacy at the heart of our business.

What makes Tailor Skincare different from other brands on the market?

Today it feels like selecting the right skincare product requires a science degree or a 12-step skincare routine to achieve that healthy glow which gives us confidence. This just isn’t true. Healthy skin can be as simple as using a couple of effective products each morning and night. The Tailor Skincare range does this.

Our simple, concise range of earth-based skincare products has helped thousands of customers to achieve a healthy glow with a simple and effective skincare routine. There’s no secret, we just use good quality natural ingredients that contribute to skin health.

Tailor Skincare
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When your skin looks good you feel more confident, and as a result spend less time fussing about and more time on doing the things you want to be doing.

What are some of the most popular products? And do you have a personal favourite?

Tailor Moisture is our number one selling product. We don't promote it like we do our other products, it just stands on its own as a really good moisturiser. Plus, it's a product everyone needs. I formulated moisture with a unique blend of plant Polysaccharides which make it super hydrating to the skin yet lightweight. It doesn't leave a heavy, oily residue on the skin but it will provide 24 hour hydration upon the first application. Plus, with longer term use it can actually teach the skin to better retain its hydration levels. So, it leaves the skin in better condition than before. Plus it lasts for ages in the 100ml size.

However, my favourite product is Tailor Illume. I developed this product while pregnant as I wanted to use a safe alternative to retinol.

Do you have any new products you've launched?

We've just launched a brand new eye cream – Awaken – which sold out in less than 48 hours of launch! We've now replenished stocks and it's available again.

Tailor Skincare
Image supplied.

If Tailor Skincare was a ____, it would be a _____:

A flower: A begonia – because it blooms all year round.

A TV show: Schitt's Creek – easy-to-use, high-end skincare without the billion dollar price tag.

An iconic woman: Mother Nature – because she's intelligent, loving and powerful.

A colour: Blue! Tailor is known for its little blue glass gems.

A dessert: Dark chocolate covered strawberries – a treat that's good for you.

A song: “Independent woman” by Destiny's child – empowering and a classic for all ages

A cocktail: An espresso martini – because it's a cult fave; the powerful active ingredients wake up the skin, giving you a glow all day and night long.