Shmoist: sanitiser with a delicious twist

“A sanitiser that may as well be beautiful in every sense of the word – beautiful to look at and beautiful to smell, not to mention beautiful to feel.”

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Shmoist, an Australian-first combination of hand sanitiser and moisturiser, has launched to disrupt a traditional category through innovation and design. The sleek designed, high-quality fragranced product not only does its job to remove harmful germs, but smells incredible and moisturises your skin simultaneously. With Shmoist, you can say goodbye to hands that reek of cheap booze and dry out well before winter’s arrival (cheers to every other sanitiser on the market) and instead say hello to soft, delicious hands.

The brand was created by childhood friends Dione Taylor and Tracey Hirschhorn, who share a strong desire to change up the sanitising industry. Partnering up with Australia’s leading fragrance purveyor of fine fragrance, team Shmoist are constantly refining fragrance combinations to bring consumers a bespoke library of unique Shmoist fragrances, unlike you’ve ever inhaled before.

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Co-founder Dionne says she spotted a gap in the sanitiser market during the past year with Covid. “With sanitising a daily ritual for everyone, and a habit that’s here to stay, there was an opportunity to create a product that not only provides a safe sanitising solution but a beautifully smelling and moisturising one too.”

Dionne continued, “I wanted to create a sanitiser that becomes part of our every day beauty regime, much like the way we use perfume.”

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“We are committed to creating a product that is vegan and cruelty free, comes in recyclable packaging and is 100% Australian made,” says co-founder Tracey Hirschhorn. “Central to our brand commitment is to partner with social enterprise and non-pro t organisation Buy1Give1 so every time someone purchases Shmoist, something great happens in the world. We want to make 10,000 impacts this year ranging from good health and wellbeing, quality education and clean water and sanitisation.”

The products are made from 80% ethanol and the formulation is based on the World Health Organization’s formulation to ensure it protects against 99.99% of germs.

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Shmoist Rose Aye
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“Like the atmosphere of a TV eviction ceremony, this scent is like a punch in the nose from a bunch of 12 long stem red roses. This bouquet is for those who like the finer things in life, likes to make spur of the moment decisions and is first to say yes to a social arrangement. Although her friends sometimes see her as a thorn in their side, she is as loyal as a man’s best friend and will constantly remind you to stop and smell the Rose Aye’s.”

Editor, Claudia Siron, trialled the ROSE AYE fragranced sanitiser, and revealed it was her favourite of the three she sampled. “It’s subtle in its sweetness, yet oozes such an exciting, punchy palette of aromas. It’s my everyday go-to, and I’ve received the most compliments towards the ROSE AYE fragrance from friends when sharing my Shmoist products after getting out of an Uber or exiting a cocktail bar.”

If ROSE AYE was a …, it would be a ….:

Film: Confessions of a Shopaholic Flower: Rose Star-sign: Cancer Iconic woman: Kate Hudson Cocktail: Cosmopolitan Place: Paris


Shmoist Down Under
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“Throw another shrimp on the Barbie, or Ken for that matter. If you’ve been Down Under (the country, of course) or even if you haven’t, this fragrance will take you there. Think of the fresh smell of the sea breeze combined with sweet subtle notes of tanning oil, this is the fragrance that exudes the Aussie summer and long lazy days by the ocean. A spritz of this and you’ll be feeling all the feels Down Under (not the country, obvs).”

Claudia says: “This one was best-loved by my beachy friends – those who would unapologetically spend their Saturdays soaking up the sun and splashing around with the waves at Bondi. Which just made perfect sense. If sand, tan-oil and sea-breeze could be perfectly and effortlessly bottled up, then Shmoist has done it!

If DOWN UNDER was a …, it would be a ….:

Film: Adoration Flower: Darwinia citriodora ‘Seaspray’ Star-sign: Pisces Iconic woman: Rose Byrne Cocktail: Margarita Place: Byron Bay


Shmoist Sweet Spot
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"You know you’re in a Sweet Spot when you can inhale the smell of a hot cinnamon doughnut but without the calories. With spicy tones and sugary aromas, this fragrance is for the woman who knows how to sprinkle on the charm. She may appear this way on the exterior but really she’s full of sass, likes to earn the dough and holey moley does she know how to spend it.”

Claudia says: “Think: a food-inspired Glasshouse candle meets a wintery evening at the Christmas Markets in Munich. It’s packed with an array of sensual aromas that will have you dreaming of sticky chai latte or shortbread biscuits! The fusions found in Sweet Spot would pair naturally well with a spiced and woody perfume (like Dior’s Hypnotic Poison) when on a night out this season meeting girlfriends at your local wine bar.”

If SWEET SPOT was a …, it would be a ….:

Film: The Holiday Flower: Dianthus Star-sign: Scorpio Iconic woman: Jennifer Connelly Cocktail: Cinnamon spiced old fashioned Place: Copenhagen

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