Stimulating Sex Toys To Spice Up Your Summer

This season, we’ve reviewed two mind-blowing vibrators new to the market that well and truly must be known:

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Frenchie’s Double Entendre

Inclusive sexual wellness brand Frenchie has released their latest vibrator – the Double Entendre. Featuring dual motors and added flexibility, meaning increased pleasure for you and your partner alike, this extremely versatile toy can be used both internally, externally or both at the same time.

I instantly fell in love with the sexually charged aesthetic and the fact I could use the toy internally and externally. I am yet to experiment with a partner, however I can admit without hesitation my steamy solo sessions have been above par with this stimulating love toy.

With my current collection of vibrators, I always get up to maximum speed pretty quickly when masturbating – even when it’s my first time trialling them. The Double Entendre has dual motors with four times speed (and six different pleasure modes) and it truly is a gradual process of increasing intensity. The stimulation is undoubtedly powerful, and each time you masturbate it feels different and more thrilling with interchanging features and a tempting ladder of speed to climb.

We spoke with Eleanor Hadley – a Sensuality Coach, Sex Educator & Sensual Movement Practitioner – on her tips and tricks with using the Double Entendre:

“It’s important here to recognise that for roughly 82% of us vulva owners, penetration alone does not lead to orgasm. We require external clitoral stimulation to help us reach the big O and, in many positions, (particularly in a heterosexual encounter), the clitoris isn’t stimulated adequately to get us there. Using sex toys allows us to ensure we get that sweet clit sensation and can help us experience almighty blended orgasms. This isn’t to say that sex toys are for women only, though – pairing anal play for any gender with other genital touch can lead to powerful orgasms for all, too.

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“Frenchie’s Double Entendre is easily one of the most diverse sex toys I’ve come across and it’s perfect for people of all genders to explore with, both for your solo self-pleasure sessions and during partnered sex.”

Some ideas for vulvas:

  • Place the tip of the device right on to the clitoris during cunnilingus or penetrative sex. The flat design means it fits perfectly in between you and your partner’s bodies.

  • Use it as a dildo for internal pleasure while going down on your partner

  • Experience blended orgasm by inserting the narrow end of the vibe to stimulate the g-spot, while curving the flexible body of the vibe so the wider end rests on the vulva, stimulating the clit from the outside

  • Use the Double Entendre as a wand to massage the internal vaginal walls and stimulate the cervix, leading to deeper orgasmic potential

Some ideas for penises:

  • Curve the vibe around the base of the penis and run it up along the shaft - perfect for a solo pleasure sesh, or as a sexy addition to a blowjob

  • Use the tip of the Double Entendre on the tip of the penis for an extra rush of stimulation

And for everyone:

  • Explore the subtle sensations by using the vibe along sensitive areas of the body such as behind the ears, the inner elbow and nipples

  • Try anal play by bending the flexible body of the Double Entendre, applying plenty of Oh La La Love Lube and inserting in to the anus (it’s important to never insert a straight object in the anus)

“Remember, pleasure is the priority here and using sex toys has the potential to increase pleasure for you and your partner exponentially. Give yourself permission to explore your pleasure potential with Frenchie’s Double Entendre and enjoy the journey!”

For just $90, the Double Entendre can be bought via Frenchie’s website.

Oooh Mood’s Cleopatra

Another sexual wellness brand – relatively new to the ever-growing market – is Oooh Mood, who is here to flip the script. They believe everyone should feel supported in exploring their sexuality. “When you feel more confident in the bedroom, you bring that with you into the world. You can do anything.

Oooh Mood’s products are affordable and designed with you in mind, ultimately creating a truly remarkable experience for all types of people who enjoy different things when it comes to sexual pleasure. The brand has revealed they’re huge supporters of women, thus 10% of their profits go straight towards charities supporting women.


I recently trialled their very first and only sex toy (for now), The Cleopatra – an elegant device embodying spirit, soul and self-love. An instant friend to those who want to play with her.

The clitoral suctioning stimulator has nine variations of intensity and patterns, and uses Pleasure Air technology to mimic cunnilingus. With a small amount of lube and even just a fraction of a sex drive, Cleopatra does the rest – and succeeds (it truly feels like someone going down on you). Her human-like approach of a stop-start motion with a variety of her features makes masturbation feel more intimate. With my existing collection of vibrators, I’m used to a consistent vibration mode with increasing the frequency. However, the Cleopatra welcomed new surprises and I ultimately enjoyed the more ‘irregular’ pulsing sensations on offer. Reaching climax with this toy felt different but absolutely incredible.

The toy has a magnetic recharge and it is 100% waterproof. Its exterior is hygiene safe silicone, making it super easy to clean and very, very soft. When delivered to your home, it arrives in convenient and discreet packaging – which is always a plus if you live with parents or roommates!

We spoke to co-founder Bridgette Sulicich earlier this year on the brand launch and their vision behind it:

Q: When did you realise you had a passion for sex-positive content/awareness? And when/how did Oooh Mood come about?

A: I’d say in the last two years I’ve become more socially aware of the need for change. I started consuming more content from empowering women like Florence given and the @selfishfeminist account, talked to my girlfriends about it more and started noticing that at 24 years old there was still so much prejudice around the subject and stigma around vibrators and masturbation, which just shouldn’t be the case when I think about how all my male friends were comparing how often they jerked off at 16.

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It was actually Giles Coloe (the other co-founder) who had the idea, and we chatted about it a few times. He was so passionate about the space and I said I’d be really keen to be involved in any way I could. He gave me a call in January saying he wanted to go for it and asking if I’d be his partner and since then we haven’t looked back!

Q: What is the main purpose and vision for the brand?

A: Our main vision this year is to get our name out there and to launch our website as well as our first product. We’re trying to give ourselves realistic goals to start off with because Giles and I have a tendency to get carried away! But when we’re more established, the possibilities are endless. I’d love to have a podcast that normalises talking about sex with anyone and everyone, as well as launch workshops with sexologists for useful tips around self love and exploring what you like as an individual.

Big things coming for Oooh Mood – as well as yourself ;) For $99.99, you can purchase The Cleopatra on Oooh Mood’s online store.