WFH: Interior stylist Steve Cordony’s top five ways to implement a wholesome workspace

In 2020, our lifestyles were completely altered: we opted our weekend bar scene for solo wine and cheese nights in, dating regrettably went out of fashion, and coffee hang outs at the local cafe went virtual. On top of that, working from home became the new norm.

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Nespresso conducted new research to look at how Australians found working from home last year. At the end of 2020, more than half had highlighted that subscription services made our lives easier due to working from home.

Additionally, 77% Aussies indicated a routine was essential to a WFH set-up, while almost half agreed quality coffee was necessary while working remotely.

Renowned Interior Stylist and Nespresso ambassador, Steve Cordony, indicated how quickly we had to pivot in 2020 to create a workspace at home – yet one that may not have been our ideal setup. He explains with simple changes, the ultimate working space can be created and help set us up for success in 2021.

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1. Space planning

If you have a guest room, turn it into the perfect home office by utilising sofa beds and furniture items that double as office and bedroom storage. Or if space is tight in your office or the kitchen, use a shelf to place your coffee machine on instead of taking up bench space. Adding an attractive yet functional piece to your space, such as the stylish Vertuo Next Nespresso machine, can make any space feel beautiful but highly accessible to still enjoy those quality moments.

2. Break out and recharge

Simply put, don’t eat at your desk. Take a break from your home office and recharge your batteries by enjoying a quick walk around the block or even having your morning coffee on your balcony or in your garden. Similar to going to the kitchen or break-out room in your office, you need to schedule those short breaks away from your desk. Create a calming coffee nook for a double espresso cappuccino moment to inspire you to take a quick break throughout your day.

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3. Sensory stimulation and personal touches

Intangible elements are just as important to the overall feel and mood of a home office space. Not only does playing soft background music or lighting a scented candle create a calming space, it also stimulates focus in the home office. Styling your workspace with personal objects, plants and photographs promotes productivity within the workplace. That way you can even transform the plainest room into an inspiring environment.

4. Office with a view

Bring the outdoors in by situating your desk and ergonomic office chair close to a natural light source or window with a view. Natural light is best for working during the day, and task lighting or warm tone overhead lighting for the evening.

5. Make it work for you

Now that we are spending more time at home – even with restrictions easing – we need to be conscious of those things that will make life easier and help us achieve better work-life balance. Adding services into our home routines such as subscription programs can allow for a hassle-free, more convenient day.

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There’s many simple ways to keep your workdays interesting when working remotely. This can be achieved by even changing up the style of coffee you drink (not just milk, but actual flavours of coffee – think: vanilla eclair and cocoa truffle). Even choosing colours that make you feel happy can increase productivity – think: notepads, pencils, desk clocks and feature walls.

Your WFH space should be your dream office. You’re allowed to design your area however you wish (which is most likely the opposite scenario at your CBD office where you probably don't have as much say – so use it to your advantage!).

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