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Side hustles and millennials go together like vegemite and cheese.

According to a study published by Bankrate, 28% of millennials are hustling on the side. Of that group, 25% are earning an extra $500 a month.

What’s with the spike in popularity, especially during uncertain times (a.k.a Covid–19)?

I believe one of the biggest reasons that side hustles have become increasingly popular in the most recent years is that millennials aren’t ones to buy into the status-quo: Go to school, get a degree, start a corporate job, get married, and stay at the same job for 40 years.

We don’t want to sit in traffic for an hour just to get to the office. We don’t want to stay with a company for decades out of comfort and security. Instead, we believe in a different reality… or at least most of the people I interact with on a weekly basis do.

We desire a life where:

Dimity Edwards

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• Work/life balance is possible

• Our jobs revolve around us and don’t dictate how much time we get to spend with our families or friends

• We aren’t limited by our jobs, our bosses, or our position’s description to achieve or reach our full potential

Oh, and we are REALLY not into having a cap on our salaries! 

So, the secret to the side hustle...

I knew absolutely nothing about sales funnels, digital marketing, running online courses, hosting webinars or virtually coaching others in business when I started my first side hustle back in 2015. 

However, one thing I did have was a clear vision in my mind of what I wanted for my future, and so I began learning all the skills I needed to become successful. 

The “getting started” part may seem like the scariest part of them all. Of all the students that I coach, I’ve learnt that fear is the number one thing holding them back.

Move fear to the side for a moment and ask yourself these three questions right now:


  1. What brings me the most joy in life?

  2. What skill set do I have that if I focused on a little more, I'd soon become an expert in?

  3. Who or what resources do I need in order to launch my idea into profit? 

A side hustle is the perfect place to get creative and see where turning your passions into profit may lead you. 

The biggest question I get asked on a daily basis is: “I want to work for myself, but I don’t know where to start. Can you help me?”.

So, I have compiled a short list of side hustles you can start with little investment and huge returns:

• Virtual Assistant - There is so much opportunity with the online space!

• Online Content Creator - Turn your epic knowledge and skills into cash! What can you teach others? For example: E-books, webinars, videos etc.

• Network Marketing - What products do you want to share to get paid? This is actually where my first side hustle began and it’s the best space to begin learning about business and sales.

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Side hustle bubble. magazine

• Affiliate Marketing - Amazon or other products that you love. 

• Sales Rep - Can you crush a sales call?

• Tutoring - Do you love teaching and educating? It doesn’t have to just be kids, you could be teaching English or another language. 

• Social Media Manager - digital and brick-and-mortar businesses need these people more than ever. 

• Podcast Host - Can you turn your audience into paid sponsorships? 

• Graphic Designer/ Web Designer - People are ready to hand money over to you!

• Online Coach - Are you an expert in an area that others want to learn more about?

As you can see, there are so many ways to earn a side hustle income. Don’t get me wrong, it will still take work, but especially in times like these today, side hustles are the golden key to getting closer to your dream life in the fast lane. 

If you’re seeking other advice or coaching on how you can execute your first side hustle, feel free to DM me on Instagram @dimity.edwards – my inbox is always open and I would love to point you in the right direction.

Big love and good luck side hustling!