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There is a podcast dedicated to pretty much every topic imaginable – from knitting on the subway, to solely discussing Taylor Swift, to two guys working their way through every single episode of Gilmore Girls (and yes, these are actual podcasts). 

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So, surely there must be a handful of sex-positive podcasts out there, especially when Covid–19 had us all missing explicit chats with the girls more than ever. With this in mind, I made it my personal mission to sift through countless sex-based podcasts from Australia, the US and the UK, to bring to you dear bubble. mag readers, a list of hilarious, entertaining and informative sex-positive podcasts for your listening pleasure. 

And honestly, sometimes having a laugh at someone else’s intimate mishaps provides a bit of comedic relief. Or maybe you’re wanting to spice things up with your partner during self-isolation and need a bit of inspiration? If any of these are the case, grab a glass of wine, get comfortable and give these sexy podcasts a listen!


  1. Dying for Sex


Socials: @nikkiboyer 

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Dying for Sex is a six-part series that tells the unique story of Nikki Boyer’s best friend, Molly, whom after being diagnosed with stage IV terminal breast cancer decided to leave her husband of fifteen years. 

Most people could never imagine doing such a thing, especially during such a scary time. But for Molly, she wanted to feel alive in the face of death and embarked upon a plethora of sex-capades that included a dude ejaculating out of a car, tickle and foot fetishes, and ball kicking...who even knew that was a kink? I didn’t. That just sounds painful. 

If you listen to at least one podcast this year, let it be this one. I have never heard anything quite like it, and luckily for you it’s available for free via the Apple Podcast app. 

2. Guys We F****d 


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Hosted by American stand-up comedians Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, Guys We F****d is a podcast designed to challenge and change the way society sees female sexuality. No topic is off limits with these two as they delve into their own personal sex lives, as well as responding to problematic emails sent in by listeners seeking their straight-to-the-point advice. 

I knew from about two minutes in that this podcast was going to result in spitting out my tea at least twice (as well as the more than occasional snort-laughing). This prediction was quite accurate, especially considering I was listening to one of their most recent episodes named ‘Drunk V-Day Special: He Used Your Duvet As A Diaphragm?’. I think that title speaks for itself. 

Previous seasons of Guys We F**** dare available on Apple Podcasts for free, but the most recent episodes are only available at for a small monthly fee. 

3. It’s A Lot With Abbie Chatfield 

Socials - @abbiechatfield

Many of you may recognise this name, considering that Abbie was slut-shamed by the nation for being ‘too sexual’ on the most recent season of The Bachelor.

Chatfield has taken it in her stride by releasing her own conversational-style podcast about dating, sex, friendship, and life in general, titled It’s A Lot With Abbie Chatfield.

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Every Tuesday, Abbie delves into a topic of interest, solo or with a guest (my favourite example is feminist icon, Clementine Ford) as well as answering questions put forward by listeners. Each episode is fun and light-hearted yet thoughtful and it reminds me of sitting on the couch with a girlfriend, vino in hand. It’s A Lot With Abbie Chatfield is available for free on the Apple Podcast app, as well as having an aligning Facebook group full of open-minded women discussing their love and sex lives.


4. The Receipts Podcast 

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When I began listening to this podcast a few months ago, I was on the bus, and I literally had to stop and pull my headphones out because I simply could not stop laughing like an idiot. So, you have been warned to perhaps not listen to this one whilst you’re out and about – unless you want to draw a lot of attention to yourself!

Why was I laughing like an idiot you may ask? Because Tolly Shoneye, Audrey Indome, and Milena Sanchez of The Receipts Podcast are three girls from the UK who are willing to talk honestly about anything and everything. Trust me when I say that they really ‘cut the fake, polite shit’ in favour of honesty and straight-to-the-point conversations about all the ins and outs of relationships.

Not only are Tolly, Audrey, and Milena ridiculously hilarious, full banter and energy, they have also created a much-needed space for women of colour in the UK to discuss these kinds of topics. 

My favourite episodes are the ‘Your Receipts’ editions, in which the girls take submissions from their listeners and give their unfiltered – and sometimes brutal – advice. 

If you are in need of an instant mood-lift – and also want to learn some British slang – head to Spotify to listen to The Receipts Podcast

5. Love Etc. 

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From the clever minds that brought us Shameless, Ms Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald have created yet another podcast: Love Etc

In collaboration with Bumble Australia – a dating app where women make the first move – Andrews and McDonald approach topics including broken hearts, cheating, swinging, STIs, sugar babies and sex work, in a thoughtful and informative fashion.

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If you are looking to broaden your knowledge on such subjects without feeling overwhelmed and inundated with information, this podcast is perfect for you. Oh, and good news, there’s already a whole first season and more to come available for free on Spotify and Apple Podcasts…You’re welcome. 


6. Authentic Sex with Juliet Allen

Socials - @juliet_allen

Prepare yourself to hear one of the most soothing and sensual voices you may have ever come across. This voice belongs to Australia’s leading sexologist, Juliet Allen. 

In her podcast, Authentic Sex with Juliet Allen, which is now on its 109th episode – Allen explores intimacy, connections and how to embody our true sexual essence. 

Juliet draws upon her own sexual experiences with the goal of starting open conversations about sex in relationships. 

In the first ten minutes of listening, I learnt about crystal yoni eggs, and that women can carry trauma and stress in their vagina and wombs... both things I had literally never heard of or given any thought to previously. 

Looking to embody your true sexual essence? Well look no further than Authentic Sex with Juliet Allen available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 

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